A Sensible Way to “Stimulate” the Economy: Stop Taking So Much In Taxes!

By: John Lillpop

President Bush and the Congress are about to “stimulate” the U.S. economy by adding another $150 billion to the national debt! Will this sort of fiscal madness never end?

Why are the president and Congress not focused on cutting wasteful and unnecessary federal spending? You know, cut expenses and pass the savings on to American taxpayers, ergo, relief without adding to the burdensome debt?

Instead of spending billions of dollars to return taxpayers money to the taxpayers, why not stop taking so damn much to begin with?

Cutting unnecessary spending should be quite simple provided common sense, rather than PC, is allowed.

To begin with, our government spends approximately $100 billion a year on illegal aliens. People who should not even be in this country receive health care, welfare, education and other public services to which they are not entitled and which cost American taxpayers $100 billion each year.

Why not pass legislation to prohibit all expenditures on public services for illegal aliens?

Then we have the untold billions of dollars that are wasted to print voting information and ballots in languages other than English. This expense is especially galling since only citizens are supposed to vote, and naturalized citizens are, by law, supposed to be proficient in English!

Why not make English the official language of the United States, and prohibit printing of any voting materials, ballots, or other governmental information in any language except English?

English only could save America another $10 billion a year.

Next, it seems as though welfare recipients are not given sufficient motivation to escape their dreadful fate. Therefore, why not place all welfare income in the 75% tax bracket?

That would serve the purpose of increasing revenues, and more importantly, would “stimulate” people living on the public trough to vacate mooching in favor of work and gainful employment.

Which would increase revenues, which could then be passed on to all taxpayers!

An urgent plea to President Bush and Congress: Stop wasteful spending and stop taking so damn much money from the American people to begin with!

That is all the “stimulus” we need, thank you!

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