They aren’t so bad are they??

By: Carolyn Hileman

They’re really not as bad as everyone make them out to be. They are a simple people, go to church, volunteer at school, volunteer in their community and yet so many people believe them to be pure evil. I suppose the way to end this misconception is to tell you about some of them. I will not be naming names and just about anything I put to paper could be said about any of them. He is a proud Grand Father who will show his grand kids pictures any time you ask and many times that you don’t. He lives a simple life, goes to work, comes home, watches a little TV and about the only time he gets real excited is when his team wins. She is a working mother, not by choice but by circumstances you really just cannot make ends meet with only one salary these days so in the morning she kisses her babies goodbye and heads off to work, after work she picks up the kids and heads home for her second job, you still got to eat and eating out is not a privilege that they have.

She is a stay at home mom who has noticed that most of the stores in her area are now covered with gang signs and is scared to shop there much less take her babies in. But she wonders the isles any way looking for a bargain she sees lots of people there and would love to talk to them but she does not know their language and figures they don’t know hers or they would be speaking it. She wonders down the isles and isles of ethnic foods just to buy some milk and macaroni and she wonders why it is she must go to the back of the store just to find a few things she needs. He is an unemployed construction worker, born to the trade as he was once the owner of a family owned company seems they don’t like his family values any more. He started noticing that business was slipping and he started charging less and less until one day he realized he was working for free and decided to hell with it.

She is the young student who just once would love to go to class and not have to pass the guys leering at her in the hall and the gestures they make are just simply disgusting and it would even be nicer if maybe one day out of the year she did not have to try and get past the girls standing in the door way talking in their language and totally ignoring everyone else, she has wondered why no one will make them move or at least demand they speak English, but decides it is best not to make an issue of it since some of the guys are their boyfriends. They are just every day ordinary American citizens who have simply had enough, enough of seeing everything written is Spanish or if not the promise of someone inside who speaks it. They are tired of seeing people loitering at the stores they go to and wondering if it is safe to go inside. They are the people who wash your car, they are doctors and nurses, moms and dads, they are the people who either by birth or by persistence managed to be heirs to the great promise land where everyone wants to go and others want to destroy, America. They are the ones who firmly believe that since they pay the taxes to make this nation run they should have a say in how it is run, The Americans.

They have been stepped on, picked over, used up, demoralized, and criticized by the very people their taxes go to pay. Sometimes their complaints get loud and boisterous, sometimes they make people mad, but they have never once worn a white sheet, burned a cross or for that matter taken the law into their own hands. They believe in the law of the land, they believe the constitution was written for them by people just like them and they believe in defending it till death. They follow the law and expect everyone else to and they expect the laws to be enforced, they are the Americans, now you see they aren’t so bad are they??

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice

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