John McCain Is Against The Peoples Choice’s

By: Ken Hughes

John McCain and Russ Feingold, after years of failure were finally able to get legislation passed limiting the individuals right to contribute to their favorite candidate. Not only was the public’s financial contribution limited their right to vocally support a candidate was severely limited. No such limitation was placed on PAC’s, politically organized groups who support individual candidates. The end result has been this presidential campaign will surpass one billion [with a B] dollars before the election is held. What the McCain Feingold legislation has accomplished is to open the flood gates to campaign organizers known as PAC and dam off individual decent. This is in direct violation of several clauses in the constitution.

John McCain is one of those Washingtonians who believes the constitution is out dated, it’s obviously his belief American has grown beyond, “Of the People, By the People and For the People.”

His belief is much the same as many of the leaders outside the confines of a democratic society. John McCain believes a chosen few elitists which he is a member of are the only ones qualified to make decisions for the public. That degree of arrogance is very dangerous in a democratic society.

John McCain has been lying about his record, he was never a leader in the Navy, his record shows more often that not he was called on the carpet for hot-dogging. His abilities as a pilot are not in question even though he was responsible for crashing more than one aircraft. The time he spent as a prisoner of war is to be commended, as are many other prisoners of war who aren’t capitalizing on it. John McCain isn’t the only war hero to serve in congress. Some lost more than McCain and lived to serve again.

McCain is far from a conservative, if he were to reach across the isles of congress, it would be behind his back to Republicans from his Democratic position on the issues. John McCain is a RINO there’s no other word for men like him.

There’s very little to distinguish John McCain from Hillary Clinton. Both are capable of obfuscating the facts in order to generate a false understanding of their positions on the issues. Politicians are accountable to only two God’s PAC’s and Lobbyists. Both are at the core of special interests, the public interests be dammed. Any politician who’s spent two decades in Washington as both McCain and Clinton have is lying to us when they say they can make changes. The public must ask why these Washingtonians running for president haven’t made theses changes before. There’s a president, 9 members of the Supreme Court and 535 Congress Men and Women, a majority must agree and that’s not likely to happen.

Presidents don’t have dictatorial powers, not even God has the power to move congress when they dig in their heels. The past two decades congress has made it very clear they are the alpha branch of government regardless what the constitution says. It will take a sweeping replacement of those who’ve served in congress for more than 12 years to bring congress back into line with rules set down in the constitution. It really isn’t going to make much difference whom is elected president if congress ignores them. A president can lead congress to water but they can’t make them drink.

The problem with the government isn’t presidents it’s congress who have been able to assimilate powers that trump presidential authority. Congress has created a bureaucracy of federal workers, independent Lobbyists and Trade Union leaders that constitutes the Washingtonians who have nothing but distain for the rest of the American people. Most of the presidential nominees belong to this group. If this nation needs change as Hillary, Obama and McCain say then let the voters start with those three. Send them back to their respective homes or wherever old politicians go to retire.

The dumbing down of the American voters started in the 1932 election campaign when FDR told some real whoppers about his opponent Herbert Hoover. In retrospect Hoover would have been the better men, he would have brought the nation out of the depression is a matter of a couple of years. Instead FDR kept the nation in poverty with restrictive government powers for the next nine years. Only a war and the death of Roosevelt came anywhere near correcting the situation. If Clinton, McCain or Obama is elected president we can expect to revisit the 1930’s and a faltering economy. Government is the parasite not the producer of good and services. In a market economy free enterprise must be allowed to function freely and not be restricted by oppressive government mandates, “Bureaucrats Know Nothing!”

One of the things these politicians don’t seem to understand, big business isn’t a single person or a small group of people. It’s all of us, nearly everyone has an investment in big business through their retirement accounts and their savings plans. Most tax money is poorly spent given away and wasted. Profits are reinvested creating jobs and lower prices for the consumer. While house payments and nearly every other payment the public makes is reinvested and expands the economy creating more jobs and more equity for the investors, you me and the rest of the snooks who believe in the freedoms this nation affords us are at the mercy of the politicians who can’t seem to get it right, it’s our country not theirs.

The problem isn’t as much electing the right person as president, it’s more getting rid of the wrong people in congress. When we elect a congress more interested in the nations welfare than their own personal welfare the government can and will function in accordance with the constitution.

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