How to Explain John McCain? The Year of the Rat!

By: John Lillpop

Just a few weeks ago, or so it seems, John McCain was lugging his own travel effects through airports and hotel lobbies. His liberal brand of conservative ideas was bankrupt, as was his campaign.

For all the world, it appeared as though John McCain was finished. Pumping some inexpensive embalming fluid into his campaign seemed the logical next step. A step that would have been hailed by conservatives as a good thing!

Yet here we are in early February, and John McCain stands alone with only Mike Huckabee to vanquish in order to grab the GOP nomination.

That is so because the only real conservative in the race, Mitt Romney, withdrew his hat from the ring in order to give the GOP and America a better chance at coalescing against the socialism that Hillary Clinton and or Barack Obama would surely bring to this great nation if either were to be elected.

Pity, is it not, that McCain, who is really nothing more than Hillary-light, survived while the most qualified, most Republican, most conservative, and most intelligent candidate has taken himself out of the game?

What sort of message does that send to young Americans who would dream of growing up to be president? Fraud pays? People with real values and principles finish last?

Or perhaps the Chinese New Year sends the message that really epitomizes John McCain. This is, after all, the year of the Rat!

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