The American people are in charge.

By: Carolyn Hileman

By now I assume the news of Romney dropping out has reality setting in. The fact is by hook or by crook John McCain is going to be our Republican nominee and if he can scare us all to death over the war he will be president as well. Never in my voting life have I ever seen a candidate get so close to the nomination with so many in his party threatening not to even vote if he wins. Kind of reminds me of the Clinton second term when everyone claimed they did not vote for him. Back then I figured it was just a bunch of people who were ashamed to admit they did, but this is different, this feels like the amnesty plan when they told us we were going to get whether we wanted it or not, here we are again being told it is over, it has been decided for you so calm down and deal with it.

I don’t calm down and it will only be over when we the American citizens decide it is over. And I don’t know about you but I say it is far from over. It is time to get mad, it is time to spit nails, it is time to take our country back and I know just the way to do it…. Many of you know I have been asking Jeff Sessions to run since the first amnesty bill and of course he has not but that does not mean we cannot write him in.

First of all let me tell you a little about Mr. Sessions, Sessions was ranked by National Journal as the fifth-most conservative United States Senator in their March, 2007 conservative/liberal rankings. He backs conservative Republican stances on foreign affairs, taxes, and social policy. He opposes abortion and illegal immigration. Sessions serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and is its only member to have unsuccessfully faced the Committee before becoming a senator. Sessions was a supporter of the “nuclear option,” a tactic favored by then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist in the spring of 2005 to stop filibusters of judicial nominees. When 14 Senators led by Republican John McCain of Arizona and Democrat Ben Nelson of Nebraska struck a deal to avert the option, Sessions was one of the agreement’s most severe critics.

Now before you tell me it could never work, let’s give this some serious thought here shall we? First of all if John McCain is our nominee we have a choice between the Democrats or a Democrat wanna be. Take a close look at who this man considers his friends – Teddy Kennedy & John Kerry. Now you tell me what is going to be the difference if this man is elected either way we loose. Now how many of you remember when the conservatives took both houses, I certainly do and I draw on that memory when I need a lift in spirits, not because our republicans did anything thanks to Frist, but because that night I thought the liberal media was going to have a collective heart attack. The late Peter Jennings even said on the air what is happening out there. Well my friends it is time we set their heads to spinning again, think about it the chosen ones, not chosen, Cokie Roberts will choke on her pom pom.

And to make it even more fun when you get asked who you voted for tell them one of the chosen ones…. What better way to show them all that the American people don’t settle and we will not calm down and we will not just deal with it and what better way to show the Mexican president his plan is not working…. He said today “It seems to me that the most radical and anti-immigrant candidates have been left behind and have been put in their place by their own electorate,” Calderon told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, the day after the Super Tuesday primaries. Have you been put in your place? Are you willing to hold your nose and vote the party line? Have we lost so much dignity that that we will allow anything to represent us? This is not over until we say it is over and I really don’t think the American people want what we have been handed and I think we need to write in a real man for our nominee. I know it has never been done before, I know it would take everyone working together and I know that it would take a lot of work but I also know that when they told us that the amnesty bill was inevitable we proved them wrong I am asking you to once again show these people that the American people are in charge.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice

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