Conservatives: America’s Forgotten and Disenfranchised Voters

By: John Lillpop

Should things continue to erode in this the wildest of political seasons, it is probable that conservative voters will have little real choice in November. That is so because the presidential ballot might very well look like this:

( ) Hillary Clinton (or equally distressing, Barack Obama)

( ) John McCain

To those who feel strongly about American sovereignty, secure borders, rule of law, lower taxes, smaller government and other tenets of conservatism, all of the candidates listed fail the “smell test” for sound leadership.

About the only discernible difference between McCain and Hillary Clinton, for example, is the brand of socialism each advocates. McCain is an R-Socialist, Hillary is a D-Socialist.

McCain is a 70s something socialist, Hillary is a 60+ socialist. Both could serve the nation far better by retiring from politics now, while there is still at least some flickering hope left for America.

True, John McCain gallantly and heroically endured a brutal and harrowing POW experience while serving this nation in Viet Nam.

And Hillary Clinton has suffered a lot as well. After all, she has been manacled to a sex addict/liar/adulterer for over 25 years! Using the late Tammy Wynett as a role model, Hillary has “Stood By Her Man,” when other women would have abandoned Slick years ago.

In fact, Tammy did eventually dump George Jones, an act that Hillary did not have the courage to replicate with respect to her hoodlum spouse.

So when the moment of truth arrives in November, and the conservative patriot stands alone in the voting booth, with only God as a witness, what will he/she do?

Shall we pinch our noses and vote McCain simply because of that fraudulent R next to his name?

Isn’t that what we did in 2004 when it was absolutely clear that George W. Bush was a turncoat liberal? Does it make sense to go through another four or eight years of the Bush nightmare by electing lame brain McCain?

As for myself, I intend to write-in the name of the most Republican, most conservative, most logical, most intelligent, and most qualified candidate to have graced the political scene.

That would be Mitt Romney.

It is either that, or “None of the Above” come November 7.

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