Republicans Who Won’t Vote For McCain

By: Ken Hughes

Since Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney pulled out of the race I’m being inundated with questions regarding McCain’s possibilities of becoming the winner in the presidential race. Most who’ve contacted me are conservatives who have serious doubts about Senator McCain’s Republican credentials. Most consider McCain a RINO with liberal leanings, his record the past 20 [plus] years certainly bares out his lack of loyalty or party commitment. One gentleman suggested if you put a sack over their heads McCain and Hillary would be indistinguishable with each other, I’m not sure I disagree.

I’ve suggested to several of those who asked that a write-in vote for Mitt Romney or their favorite candidate in the November’s election won’t get them the presidency but it will set the stage for a 2012 campaign. It will show the RNC / GOP who the voters want as their next Republican candidate for president. That sure as hell isn’t congresses best known RINO.

In the future the RNC / GOP must get behind their candidate and do some serious public relations work to counter the media selecting our choices for us. So far McCain doesn’t have popular support by the rank and file Republicans. McCain is the medias Republican darling for what that’s worth and he’s getting all the publicity. I’m not sure when news reporters, editors and columnists became political annalists and biased operatives. Its obvious reporting has gotten to the point one must choose their media source as carefully as they choose their party and their candidates.

I’ve suggested to those who are dissatisfied with the Republican choice of a nominee can and should write their choices in the ballot in November. Those who choose to do so will be told that would be a wasted vote. I disagree any vote made is not wasted. They are expressions of ones choice, a protest vote is every bit as valid as voting for a candidate for convince one doesn’t agree with …… Politics without protest isn’t politics, it’s apathy.…….

I don’t have any allusions a write in campaign will rapidly spread out across America. However if a few hundred voters acted it would get the attention of an otherwise biased media and make a statement. All worthwhile movements start with the first steps by a few and grow from there.

I can’t in clear conscience vote for John McCain, he’s stood on the liberal side his entire political career now he would make us think he’s Ronald Reagan’s [red headed step child], air apparent to the conservative legacy of Berry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. John McCain is much closer to being Hillary Clinton’s cloned brother than having any kinship with Ronald Reagan. The Republican Party lost its courage they’ve become accustomed to being content of having a seat in congress they aren’t about to seriously challenge anything the Democrats propose for fear of rocking the boat.

The founding fathers deliberately created a form of government based on controversy and decent. Disagreements were a major part of forming this new government. The new government was far from perfect but it was also far from complacent. The people of the colonies were encouraged to hold Town Hall meetings and report the results to their representatives. Today the people allow the media to hold the meetings in tandem with those whose actions are in question then they report back to the people. That’s not democracy it’s political manipulation at its worst.

Flyover America is being duped by all those forces who have a voice, politicians, the media, bloggers and pundits to the right, pundits to the left, the public is being feed Big Mac’s and Coco Puffs loaded with political fat. It’s little wonder so many of the voter’s minds have turned to mush. There’s the old adage,,,,,,“Never discuss Religion or Politics.”,,,,,,, To that I say bolder-dash. Those who say that are people who know very little of either subject and understand less then won’t admit it, without conversation how are people to learn, simply by listening to the political pundits, I think not.

If you agree with me John McCain isn’t your choice for president then write in you favorite person as a protest. If there are enough protesting then perhaps the RNC / GOP will wake up and smell the coffee? We are mad as hell and we want action.

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