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J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Truly. They are groupies, not so much constituents.

These groupies are caught up in Obamamania. And for those who know what group psychology can do, there is no question that that kind of phenomenon can carry on for a long, long time—sometimes decades.

Ok, now add to that blacks who are going for this fellow. Add to that Latinos who are going for this fellow. Add to that men who despise female Hillary who are going for this fellow.

That’s a lot of groupie.

So from here on out we logical citizens are going to have to sit alongside the holler crew and just observe for no one can stop a mania craze. It’s there. It’s not going to go away. It’s emotion, not reason. And it feels good for those waving their arms and screaming their lungs out.

It happened to Elvis. Now add to the list. Today it’s happening to Barack Obama—with his wife and daughters. It’s not only The Boy. It’s also his wife and children. What a visual photo opt for the groupies.

So what’s the realistic hope?

The hope for the realists is that there are enough voters in America who are not given to Obamamania. If the realists are outnumbered by the groupies, Obama lands in the Oval Office. If the realists outnumber the groupies, then someone else gets into the White House.

This election is going to be more about emotion than logic. Of course, that is horrific for the nation’s health. Issues and integrity should have some reasonable leverage. But they just may not. It may be an emotion-based vote cast—and, God forbid, win.

“Change.” “Unite.”

These are the mantras the Obama magic act has recited in cadence repeatedly. The groupies holler, stomp, and smile their faces off when they hear those two words.

His head tilts. His voice moves into a black song rhythm. His white teeth shine. His empathetic look smooths over his countenance.

Then he lets go.

“I understand your problems. I know where you are. I know what it’s like. And we’re going to make a CHANGE about all this in Washington. We’re going to UNITE Ameirca.”

Just listen to the wails that follow that empty come-on. They are frightening to the reasonable. Yet they are carrying weight from state to state.

All the while The Boy has no idea how he’s going to produce the rabbit out of the hat. But the trick is promised. And the fools go for it.

What can Republicans do? They can stay with the issues and present them from a moralist base, praying that God will honor an ethical run for Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Republicans can hope and work for the logical who believe in what is right for America. Republicans can vote, not stay home because of some gripe. Republicans can cast their ballots for the person who stands for what makes ethical sense.

It’s going to end up to be an emotion-driven Dem campaign. It had better be a moral-based sensible campaign for the Republicans.

Then pray that the reasonable voters outnumber the feel-good Obamamaniacs.

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