The Most Unkindest Cut of All: Dubya Calls McCain a “True Conservative”

By: John Lillpop

John McCain has been in the cross hairs of conservatives for years now. His latest success in primary and caucus votes has done more to frighten and anger right wingers than to ingratiate the 71-year-old to the main constituency of the Republican Party.

McCain’s formidable task of convincing conservatives that he shares their values and ideology more than he does that of Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, became infinitely more complex and difficult with a news item from Washington that will air on FOX.

The news: President Bush referred to John McCain as a “true conservative.”

Coming from the most liberal president since Jimmy Carter, Bush’s “endorsement” may be the most devastating dirty trick in political history. A more vicious, muckraking assault has yet to be seen.

Bush’s “most unkindest cut of all” included the following dilly,: ” His principles (McCain’s) are sound and solid as far as I’m concerned.”


The outrage is that GW Bush would not recognize a conservative principle if it plopped down on his desk in the Oval Office and screamed DUBYA at him!.

Unless said principle was an illegal alien from Mexico with Spanish only language skills, that is!

And just how did McCain react to the Bush compliment?

Because McCain is as clue less about conservative principles as is Dubya, he no doubt beamed with pride at the endorsement from the numero uno socialist in government, AKA Dubya Bush!

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