Americans Have Become Too Naive And Gullible

By: Guest Authors

By David Hallstrom

The other day, as I do everyday, I was reading the letters to the editor section in that conservative, right wing newspaper, the Los Angeles Times (For those of you that do not understand sarcasam, stating that the Los Angeles Times is a conservative, right wing newspaper was a sarcastic comment.). As I was reading the first letter I started laughing and then I stopped laughing as I realized how pathetic the letter actually was. The letter talked about promoting American values by example and it used China as it’s illustration of how countries have changed their values due to America’s example. The letter stated that because of America’s example “China is turning into the worlds biggest capitalist country”.

How naive, gullible and moronic can a person be. China is not a capitalist country. Their leaders still believe strongly in Communism. Almost all big or profitable businesses are owned by the government, it’s military, it’s bank or by front people who are allowed to live well as long as they follow their government’s dictates and do not open their mouths. If the front people do not follow orders they are arrested on trumped up charges and any part of any business that the may actually own is confiscated. China does have a stock market, however the majority of the stock in the larger companies listed on their exchange is owned by the government or it’s fronts.

The leaders of China want money and they want it anyway they can get it, not in order to help their people but, in order to increase their power and in order to bring down the West, Russia, the rest of Aisa and someday the world.

The leaders of China have no more values today than they had fourty years ago. They don’t believe in democracy, they don’t believe in human rights, they don’t care about human life and they don’t care about their own people anymore than they care about the rest of the world. The only thing they care about is their power and increasing that power.

One of the biggest obstacles to China’s power grab is the United States. The leaders realize that they can not defeat us, at least at this time, militarily so they have set out to defeat us economically. They don’t want to adopt our values, they want to destroy us. With us out of the way, they feel that the rest of the world will be easy prey.

Anyone who thinks that the leaders of China will adopt American values because of our example is naive, gullible or a moron.
The problem is, everyday, I hear or read statements by Americans that are naive, foolish and moronic. Statements like, Russia is our ally, terrorists will not attack us again, it’s our fault that the terrorists attacked us, there was no holocaust, our government probably blew up the World Trade Center, North Korea and Iran do not pose any threat to America, the United States needs the United Nations, the United States does not have the right to protect it’s own interests, Hamas is not a terrorist organization, Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela is a kind, generous and great man, high gas prices are part of a government conspiracy, President Bush is a tool of big oil, Fidel Castro is harmless, catching Osama Bin Laden will end the war on terrorism, illegal immigrants should have the same rights as legal immigrants, the United States should open it’s borders to everyone, privacy is more important than security, the rights of criminals are just as important as the rights of victims, if all drugs were legalized there would no longer be a drug problem, kids who commit crimes are not responsible for their acts, murderers, rapists and pedophiles should be rehabilitated not imprisoned or punished, etc., etc., etc.

David G. Hallstrom, for Resources For Attorneys, a legal resources and lifestyle directory.

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