Socialized Repression Manifesting a Seventh Century Mindset

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By Peter W. Wright – Right Side News (

My good friend Jeff Bayard came to town last week to attend the America’s Truth/Basics Project Symposium Exposing the Threat of Islamic Terrorism with me. After an illuminating and exhausting day of learning, we saw someone engaged in a heated discussion with Robert Spencer, one of the presenters. Later, my friend Jeff sent me the URL of a blog entry by this argumentative attendee. One of the neat things about my friend Jeff Bayard is he’s always uncovering interesting things. In this case, he dug up a post from our fellow attendee describing us all as “future converts” to Islam. Jeff and I have a problem with this, as you’ll see.

First, let’s recap the symposium. Roger Hedgecock kicked the meeting off and proceeded to broadcast his national radio show from a room in the rear of the hall. Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy, nuclear physicist, described standard Islamic conquests of countries through destruction and the role of mosques in the proselytization of terror against unbelievers. Dr.. Muthuswamy also asserted that Islam is not a religion but is a political movement of conquest with the trappings of a religion.

Dr. Bruce Tefft, founding member of the CIA’s Counter -Terrorism Center, described how important it is to listen to what your enemy is saying. He pointed out that one cannot wage war against a method, terrorism, but must know and name one’s enemy, in this case Islam. Dr. Wafa Sultan exposed the fact that Islam teaches destruction and not creation, and illuminated Saudi Arabia’s funding and fertilization of Islamic terrorism. Dr. Sultan talked briefly of female genital mutilation and told that this barbaric practice is occurring in the United States today in closed Muslim society.

Robert Spencer described the Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal of destroying Western Civilization from within and the Islamic doctrine of deception. Jeff and I liked Mr. Spencer’s presentation because he presented steps to counter Islamic conquest.

After lunch, attorney David Schippers presented the case developed by reporter Jana Davis that the Oklahoma City bombing was in fact a joint Iraqi Republican Guards/al Qu’aeda operation. Frank Gaffney, former Assistant Secretary of Defense and founder of the Center for Security Policy, discussed Islamic infiltration of our law enforcement agencies and government. He highlighted our refusal to recognize our enemy. Dr. Paul Williams outlined an alarming increase in the number of mosques in our country, the recruiting of prison inmates, and establishment of private Muslim compounds throughout our free country.

Lee Boyland, nuclear physicist and former NEST member, described nuclear weapons and the possible threat of nuclear terrorism. Carolyn Glick, deputy managing editor of the Jerusalem Post, convincingly described Iran’s nuclear program as the most acute threat to global security. Dr. Harvey Kushner, international authority on terrorism, recapped the symposium for the attendees.

And finally, Frank Wuco, former naval intelligence officer and consultant to a major U.S. military joint theater command, presented the mindset and world view of the typical Guantanamo Bay detainee.

As Jeff and I bid our goodbyes to new friends, we spotted our Muslim infiltrator on our way out. Later I would read that he considers Jeff, you, and me to be future converts to Islam.

The speakers had impeccable credentials and presented information verifiable through other sources. While our Muslim detractor denigrated and ridiculed the speakers, he never disputed their content. In fact, he reinforced and confirmed the message, and this is available for all to parse and analyze.

I think it is a safe bet that nobody would care to be deceived or forced into converting to a death cult like Islam. There is no good choice between converting to Islam or having one’s head cut off high on the neck with a sharp knife. From my perspective, such a conversion is contrary to our Creator’s plan. Yet Islam has subjugated, repressed, and distorted the psyches and bodies of its followers for so long that this is their goal and message.

When analyzing the relative merits of competing belief systems, it is vital to note both method and result. In this case, we have Islam versus every other belief system, Judeo-Christian Western civilization, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, down to Shinto and Native American religion. Every one of these belief systems has a creator or creation principle. Islam veers off course by having destruction of self and other as the goal. Radical Muslims start with the destruction of the sacred female body and spirit and continue onto the destruction of every culture not their own. Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s earliest belief systems recognizes such behavior as malevolent. They called it Angra Mainyu, the “Destructive Principle.” Westerners know it as Satan. Islam has enshrined this principle as the highest good. What Dr. David R. Hawkins calls “the Luciferic Inversion” has occurred. Good and evil have been reversed.

So, we are faced with the task of deflecting and defusing the dysfunction of a religion that has metastasized into a cancerous social and political movement, fueled by oil money and driven by hatred of the West’s success. Fortunately, we come to this situation from a significantly higher spiritual level than Islam. As Robert Spencer noted, as awareness of the threat increases, the tide will turn. Americans will eventually come to understand the nature of the threat growing on its borders and in its heartland.

Meanwhile, Jeff and I have a problem with people who are encouraged to murder us and everyone who looks like us with knives for not converting to Islam. While we evaluate the situation with and from a more enlightened state of consciousness, we will not make the mistake of preparing for possible confrontation at this level. We will engage our enemies at the level they understand. So we will pray for our enemies and know that we will prevail with God’s help, but we will keep our guns oiled and our powder dry.

Peter W. Wright, Sleuth of the Realm and co-founder of The Clue Society, writes exclusively for Right Side News, your online newspaper, publishing accurate information about threats against Western civilization.

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