Day Laborer Centers: Free Day Care for Mexico!

By: John Lillpop

In yet another surrender to Mexican banditos intent on conquering America with leaf blowers & toilet bowl scrubbers, many American cities are erecting “Day Laborer” centers for illegal immigrants.

Built and managed with taxpayer money, these monuments to political cowardliness and stupidity provide safe havens for illegals to congregate as they while away the hours until a capitalist American pig, probably an angry white male, saves the day with eight hours of the American Dream at $5.00 an hour.

In truth, these centers are little more than “Day Care” for Mexican peasants dumped on the U.S. side of the border by the Mexican government for American taxpayers to educate, provide medical for, feed, and house.

Still, the centers do succeed in sprucing up Main Street by removing unsightly gatherings of the unwashed to isolated, remote locations. Moreover, PC tolerance scores a huge win because illegals are able to urinate (and worse), harass females with crude, vulgar language, and otherwise express their third world “culture” with gusto & impunity in a public setting.

Cynical conservatives must never forget the new pledge of allegiance to socialism being pushed by the left in America to justify illegal immigration. Namely, “Our diversity is our greatest strength!”

Keep that in mind next time some drunken illegal alien swears at you in Spanish and pees on your shoes!

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