Illegal Immigrants or Undocumented Workers?

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By David Hallstrom

This article is not about whether or not illegal immigration is proper or about what should be done about illegal immigrants. This post is about the terms ‘illegal immigrant’ and ‘undocumented worker’.

Recently, various activists, certain members of the Hollywood Elite, various politicians and others like Mexico’s President Fox, have been saying that the term ‘illegal immigrant’ is improper and that to be politically correct, one must use the term ‘undocumented worker’. They claim that, the term ‘illegal immigrant’ is racist and derogatory. They claim that, to be in this country without proper documentation is not a felony, there for it is not illegal.

The foregoing, to me, is illogical. After all, speeding is not a felony but it is illegal. Driving without a valid drivers license is not a felony but it is illegal. In California, smoking a cigarette in a restaurant is not a felony but it is illegal. There are numerous other things that are not felonies but are illegal. I know of nothing in our constitution or laws that says that entering or staying in this country is legal, therefore it is illegal. If a person is here without proper documentation, he or she can be, if necessary, forcibly detained and deported. To me this means that anyone who is living in this country, without proper documentation, is living here illegally. This means that they are all illegal immigrants.

On the other hand, not everyone who enters or stays in this country without proper documentation is a worker. Some are here to take advantage of our medical services (large numbers of whom do not pay for those services), some are here to have their children here in order that the children can claim American citizenship, some come her to collect welfare (I know that many people claim that illegals can not collect welfare, however in my over 30 years as a private investigator I have investigated numerous people who were her illegally and collecting welfare. In fact, one woman I investigated was here illegally and was collecting welfare under five (5) different names. She had also run up unpaid bills under at least a dozen different names.), some come here because they are wanted for criminal acts in their own country, some come here to commit criminal acts and some, like the 9/11 terrorists come here to harm our country.

It seems to me that since not all people here without proper documentation are workers, the term ‘undocumented worker’ is a misnomer. It further seems to me, that since all people here without proper documentation are, in fact, here illegally, the term ‘illegal immigrant’ is the proper term and is not being used as a racial or derogatory term.

I am sure that many of the politically correct police will disagree with me, but then, many of the arbitrators of political correctness don’t seem to care about the truth, they only seem to care about having people say things their way in order that the ‘proper’ spin can be put on issues that they are interested in.

David G. Hallstrom, for Resources For Attorneys, a legal resources and lifestyle directory.

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