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By J. Grant Swank Jr.

First, he’s become the Elvis of present-tense politics. Emotion runs the election. Nothing will stop it. It will grow.

That means that young Barack Obama will make John McCain “The Old Man.” The young will topple McCain at the polls.

Second, Republicans are divided. They know it. The world knows it. There consequently is a lethargy within the Republican Party that shows in numbers.

On Super Tuesday, 14.6 million voters took part in the Democratic races, compared to 8.3 million Republicans.

Republicans are fighting over conservative versus liberal. Therefore, anything that divides diminishes force.

Dems are emotion drive over a cult figure who gathers around him millions of groupies. And they are united in their clutch for his body.

Therefore, from this moment till November, The Old Man will recede and The Boy will take over.

The Boy has nothing going for him but cliches. If he does settle down on an issue it is the left of left. Take partial-birth abortion. He’s all for it. In other words, come November, the conservative movement will question whether it has moved off the charts.

Third, The Boy appears as a Christian seeking the will of God. That means he fools millions who attend Bible-preaching churches—in other words evangelicals.

They don’t know his issue positions. They really don’t. They don’t read about his issues being left of left. They don’t listen to conservative talk radio to get a rationale for their ballot cast. Emotion, not logic, is everything.

These groupies are caught up with being romantically enamored by The Boy. Chuck the issues, even the one that spikes a nail into the skull of a newly born child.

That means that countless numbers of citizens who believe in their hearts that Jesus saves their souls will vote for The Boy. Of course, secularists love him simply because they love him.

The Boy holds gospel concerts. The Boy preaches from church pulpits. The Boy has the cadence of an old-time evangelist. The Boy quotes Scripture. Why then, churchgoers conclude, should not they condole that he is indeed one of them?

These cable TV stations that run hour-upon-hour analyses of the political run this year may as well wrap things up in the studio. Their yakking is not going to do one thing but report on the latest Barack political “concert” of cliches.

What is frightening is that some of these commentators are praising his speeches—his walk, his talk, his presence. That is truly scary. In other words, they can’t see any further than their teleprompters.

Yes, this November conservatives will wail. Genuine Christians will wonder if the world has come to an end. True Americans who believe in the Judeo-Christian heritage will reason they are a people without a country.

Nevertheless, what will be will be.

The Boy has whooped up the groupies and they are going to have their way – all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Graduate of accredited college (BA) and seminary (M Div) with graduate work at Harvard Divinity School. Married for 44 years with 3 adult children. Author of 5 books and thousands of articles in various Protestant and Catholic magazines, journals, web sites, and newspapers. Writer of weekly religion column for PORTLAND PRESS HERALD newspaper, Portland ME.

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