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February 20, 2008

The Politics of Withdrawal

Filed under: The Democrats,War On Terror - 20 Feb 2008

Almost as soon as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced his inclination to support a “pause” in Iraq troop withdrawals this summer, the campaign teams of the two contenders for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, Senators Obama and Clinton, …

Security Problems Persist at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Filed under: American National Security - 20 Feb 2008

The Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is operated by the National Nuclear Security Administration, is responsible for, among other things, designing nuclear weapons.

The BBC’s Cynical Snark Fest Against Catholic Holy Site, Lourdes

One could feel the disdain that Emma Jane Kirby felt toward Catholicism in a recent travel piece by BBC News. Her disgust and utter dismissal of the Catholic holy site at Lourdes, France was so thick it verged on hatred. …

President Jimmy Carter Has Lost All Sense Of Propriety

Filed under: Politics In General - 20 Feb 2008

I did not vote for President Carter. I also did not vote for President Ford. To the best of my recollection this was the only Presidential election I did not vote in since I became old enough to vote.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Uncle Sam?

Filed under: Politics In General - 20 Feb 2008

Just in time for the Valentine’s Day festivities, President Bush has signed legislation to “stimulate” the economy by returning money to it’s rightful owners, i.e., those who earned the money in the first place! All told, the bill could …

Political Risk: Territorial gains spread GOP thin

Political campaigns are often likened to football or chess, but the way the Republicans wage them, they’re more like the game of Risk. If you grew up in a house with two or more boys in it, you’re no doubt …