Happy Valentine’s Day from Uncle Sam?

By: John Lillpop

Just in time for the Valentine’s Day festivities, President Bush has signed legislation to “stimulate” the economy by returning money to it’s rightful owners, i.e., those who earned the money in the first place!

All told, the bill could cost the federal government in excess of $160 billion dollars.

And since the government does not happen to have an extra $160 billion laying about, just where in the hell did W and the gang get the dough for this latest canard?

The way Americans always fund things they cannot afford–by charging it!

So add another $160 billion to the federal debt and to W’s tarnished legacy as a “true conservative.”

In order to get all that money back into the hands of those who earned it, W and the gang will have to spend billions more (of our money) to process the rebate checks.

Add another $10 billion or so to the federal debt and to W’s “worst president in history” legacy.

Counting the interest that will have to be paid on the money borrowed to send us back our own money, the net effect of all these shenanigans will ultimately be an increase in taxes, especially if the Democrats conquer Washington, D.C. in November.

The only good news is all of this is that the rebate checks will not arrive until around April 1–just in time for April Fool’s Day!

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