Change For Change Sake

By: Carolyn Hileman

You know how it is, you have a car it is a good car a reliable car, and sure it isn’t as new as it was when you first bought it but there is nothing at all wrong with it. You want a change, a newer model so you go trade in the old reliable car for something newer. And that is what the candidates are saying when they say vote for change, it a vote for change for change sake. Let’s think about it what exactly would you like to change about the United States? Would you like to change the fact that you have freedom of speech? How about we change the fact that we are one of the wealthiest nations in the world? What about freedom of religion? Would you rather not be able to choose where and when you went to church? Maybe you would like to change the fact that even though we have been told every day since Clinton left office that we are in a recession we are still working and still spending money.

Perhaps you would like to have illegal immigration dealt with as a serious crime; problem is not a one of the candidates can or will do anything about it so that is not going to change. Possibly you would like to see gas prices go down, who wouldn’t? None of the candidates plan on drilling here at home instead talking about cars that will not be built until many years down the road that the average American will not be able to afford, so that is not going to change either. If you are looking for them to treat America citizens better that is not going to change either, you see they have already found out that by pandering to the Cubans and Hispanics they can forget about us so that isn’t going to change either. Could it be you actually do not feel as though you pay enough in taxes? When the new Clinton healthcare plan goes into affect she can remedy that for you really quick like.

Obama, is for socialist healthcare as well and I am sure if Teddy Kennedy tells McCain he is for it, he will be as well so there that will be the change, the stuff rattling around in your pockets after they have taken every dollar you have to finance their changes. Not a single one of these people with all of their talk and promises will be able to change the situation you are in right now so if you are voting for change it will not be for you. Hillary cannot make a black person white any more than Obama can make a white person black and neither one would care to acknowledge the fact that both races have had their own struggles and that despite differences in race most people when left alone and not told daily that the other race is out to get you and keep you down can get along very well.

If Clinton wins the presidency she will be the first woman president and while that may sound good it is highly unlikely a woman going in with a chip on her shoulder will be able to work with people to get anything done and the same with Obama, even though he kind of reminds you of the president on 24, the fact is he has still got to work with congress and senate and if elected he has got to be able to do more than be able to communicate well. McCain has made enemies of his own people and followed that up with look I am your nominee get over it and support me you have no other choice, don’t look for him to have many friends when it comes to passing anything.

The only real change that will take place if we have a democrat for president is the fact that the news coverage will change, they will fall all over the democrat president the so-called recession will be nonexistent the flowers will bloom and the sun will shine and the world will be a better place simply because we will have a president that fully believes that Americans are second class citizens only good for paying taxes and dying. All of the talk of hope and change will cease and they will be forced to tell us that all of those plans they have is going to cost money and they need ours. The media of course will spin it as though we are willing giving them most of our paycheck because we believe. The only real change will be the news coverage and that, which is still left rattling around in your pocket and you will have voted for change for change sake.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice

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