Phoenix Mayor Shows Uncommon Common Sense

By: John Lillpop

When it comes to the invasion of sovereign American land by third-world free loaders and scam artists from Mexico and points south, far too many law enforcement officials throughout our nation eschew the law in favor of the lawless.

From mayors, to police chiefs, to local supervisors, America’s front line in the war against illegal aliens is often staffed by weak-kneed and gutless bureaucrats more committed to enforcement of politically-correct mumbo jumbo than the actual rule of law.

But there are notable exceptions. For example, Mayor Phil Gordon recently announced that Phoenix police will soon be required to ask people who have been arrested their immigration status and to report the information to federal authorities in some cases.

Naturally, so-called civil rights advocates immediately protested Mayor Gordon’s plan on the grounds that Latinos, and those who appear to be Latino, as well as those who speak with an accent, are more likely to be asked the immigration status question.

However, the mayor’s plan would apply only to those arrested on suspicion of a crime. In other words, those who have already found themselves at odds with law enforcement.

In fact, it may turn out that a disproportionate percentage of people who are arrested are Latino. But rather than immediately screaming “racial profiling” and attacking the motives and tactics of law enforcement, the more prudent course would be to support the police and mayor in their efforts to protect the citizenry of Phoenix.

After all, is that not the legitimate role of government? Why tilt in favor of the renegade who has no business being here to begin with?

In addition, it is obvious that the vast majority of those here illegally are Latinos, many of whom speak with a heavy accent, no English, or both. One need not resort to racial profiling to recognize that obvious truth based on the facts.

With 38 million illegal aliens already here, America desperately needs more intelligent leaders like Mayor Gordon to prevent the further denigration of our great nation, its sovereignty, language and heritage.

Kudos to Mayor Gordon for exhibiting uncommon common sense.

Now if it were only possible to imbue a certain Arizona senator with some uncommon common sense, there might still be hope for America!

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