To Michelle Obama, I’ve Always Been Proud Of America

By: Ken Hughes

I was proud of America in the 1800’s when a hand full of U S Marines defeated the Barbary Pirates opening the Mediterranean Sea to safe passage for international commerce. I can think of a hundred times I have been proud of America, one that comes to mind is when the Civil Rights bill was passed even with the opposition of the Democrats in Congress. American civil rights are years ahead of most countries in this world, ask any Muslim Woman. I’ve been proud every time American Military persons have sacrificed their lives and limbs freeing the oppressed and ask for nothing in return.

We have to ask Mrs. Obama’s position on her husband’s paternal homeland Nigeria, how proud are you of your husband’s efforts to improve life for his Uncles Aunts and Cousins still living in poverty in Africa, or does he even know who they are. The advantage of living a privileged life over their relatives as Michelle and Barack Obama have is they can say almost anything even when they don’t know what their talking about. There’s nothing like growing up semi-wealthy to make someone understand the ins and outs of poverty.

Michelle Obama’s father Frasier Robinson was a precinct caption for the Chicago Dailey Political Machine guaranteeing his little girl any future her heart desired. Black Precinct Captains were coveted and cajoled affording them a myriad of perks not only for them but their offspring as well. Michelle Obama isn’t the only one in her family to show disrespect for America, Barack refuses to honor the American Flag by wearing one in his lapel. This doesn’t keep him from standing before the American flag when making speeches. In my mind if one expresses a false sense of patriotism the other should as well

It’s obvious to me the Obama’s are not what we should define as patriotic Americans this doesn’t mean they aren’t content Americans. Too many Americans have become content and are no longer patriotic respecting their country and are no longer willing to contribute to its betterment. Obama and Clinton are out to buy this election with promises they know they can’t keep, they know their programs will never pass congress yet a large number of voters are willing to accept their promises.

Allow me to paraphrase John F. Kennedy. “Ask not what your country will give you but what you can give to your country”
When will the public wake up, Liberalism is the problem not the solution. If the public wants a better America let them work for it. Freedom isn’t free it takes sacrifice and hard work.

Michelle Obama doesn’t owe America an explanation she owes America an apology. Having said this she will probably make a better [first lady] than Bill Clinton.

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