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February 26, 2008

Brown Is Beautiful? What About Mexico?

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 26 Feb 2008

In an unbelievable reminder of why Mexico is, and will probably forever remain, a third-world cesspool, last fall President Vicente Fox was unable to deliver his state of the nation speech after leftist lawmakers seized the podium of Congress.

Do Pop Culture and Trends influence an Election?

In days past a presidential candidate made appeals to labor unions, military personnel, farmers, industrialists and quite a long list of common people. Today candidates are courting voters from the gays, the MTV generation, abortion proponents and a melee of …

How the MSM Twists Language to Blame the Innocent, Mislead Readers

NBC Channel 10 News of Philadelphia, PA has given us a perfect example of how the media misuses words in order to illegitimately blame things and people who are otherwise blameless. This particular story really shows how the media manipulates… …

Defense Contractor Imprisoned for Bribing Congressman

On Tuesday, a jury returned guilty verdicts on all counts against defense contractor Brent Roger Wilkes, who was accused of bribing former GOP Congressman Randall “Duke” Cunningham, according to documents obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

We the citizens of this country are about to prove it

Filed under: Education & Schools,Immigration - 26 Feb 2008

You’re in a hurry, you have to drop one kid off on one side of town and another on the other so you push a little harder on the gas pedal and a few minutes later you see flashing …

From Elections to Shootings: America Is Broken

It is noteworthy that the stalled Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act (FISA) renewal effort became a huge controversy, prominently headlined during this past week, as the Northern Illinois University shootings wreaked indescribable horror and tragedy on yet another progressive and enlightened …