We the citizens of this country are about to prove it

By: Carolyn Hileman

You’re in a hurry, you have to drop one kid off on one side of town and another on the other so you push a little harder on the gas pedal and a few minutes later you see flashing lights and hear the infamous words may I see your drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. You enroll your child at school and you must provide records from their previous school, birth certificate, shot record, social security number, phone number and address or you cannot enroll them in school. You go to the ER, you must produce a valid ID, and proof of insurance, it is inescapable, that is unless you are in this country illegally you will not be asked for any of those things because they are afraid you will leave.

The schools all cry compassion and refuse to help in any way to ease any investigation into someone’s immigration status but the truth of the matter is number one they cannot legally give any information about a student or family of a student because the Supreme court will not allow them to and their ultimate concern is not for that poor immigrant child who will be left without one or both of their parents it is about their bottom line. All public schools receive money for each child that is enrolled and attending class, it is all about the money it has nothing to do with compassion. Since federal law prevents them from giving out any information the government has no way of knowing if our tax dollars are going to educate an American citizen or an illegal immigrant what a deal they get paid by us to educate the illegal immigrant children and then again they get paid by our state and county taxes, I suppose for that kind of money you can overlook a lot of things.

Then we have the businesses who hire illegal immigrants, Americas newest slave trade at its finest, what a deal you get to hire someone for under minimum wage, never have to worry about unions, health insurance, paid vacations or even disability at that rate you can undercharge and run all of your competition out of business. Everyone looks for the lowest prices on everything so if you are able to pay your people sub human wages and get away with it you can really get ahead, if by chance the city or state you live in is stupid enough to try and stop you well you can just sue them. You and your buddies who use the same business strategy can lobby Washington to make them legal, you can call your customers evil, hate mongers, and racists and they will keep coming back so what have you to fear? You know that if they pass comprehensive immigration reform your social security and income tax problems will simply disappear and you will just keep on going.

It is a strange world we find ourselves in today, when the American people are now second class citizens in their own country. We are the ones forced to provide documents for everything and yet we cannot ask nor demand that those who are here illegally do the same. We would be cited for loitering if we stood outside of stores and asked for work, yet they are allowed full access and some cities even build them special places to go so they will be more comfortable. We are told to be more compassionate that these are humans, while they refuse to address us as such preferring to call us names and imply we are racist. The only real problem with all of this is that we the second class American citizens are paying for this. Every time you get a paycheck you are paying for them to go to school, the hospital, paying for their food stamps, housing subsidies, welfare and every time you go to the grocery store you are paying them, every time you pay state and city taxes you are paying for them. I have noticed though they have stopped saying the only want to be Americans, probably because they do not want to have to provide the documents that we Americans have to, they don’t want to play by our rules, they want to change them.

America we have a choice here continue with the discrimination against taxpaying American citizens or stand up and tell our government local, state and federal that we want them to start listening to us and start demanding documents from everyone not just the citizens. I know it has been a long past two years and I know the presidential prospects look mighty dim on either side of the isle but today we must make our stand, we cannot wait until it is easy, it never will be. We must take our country back if necessary one city at a time, we must take our communities back if necessary one business at a time. We all know the businesses who we suspect are employing illegal immigrants stop doing business with them period, this will be worse than any fine they could get. Call your police departments and sheriff departments and ask them what their policy is on illegal immigration if it is one of look the other way it is time to have a community meeting and discuss ways to force that change. This is not nor has it ever been just a federal issue and we the citizens of this country are about to prove it.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice


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