The Democrats and Republicans are Bankrupting the US

By: Guest Authors

By:Glen Goodrum

During the Cold War the US caused the Soviet Union to spend until it was bankrupt and a new form of government took it over.

But why would our own politicians be doing this to us? I have seen a pattern form. First the Democrats party leaders are trying to bring about socialism. Second the Republican party leaders are trying to bring about Globalism ” a one World Government” . I have come to see that they both believe they can bring it about by Bankrupting the US . Why else would they have removed the gold standard on money? Why else would would they Tax ,borrow and spend more than they take in year after year ,when we are trillions of dollars in dept?

I do not think it’s just happening because all politicians are stupid. NO I believe the party’s have been take over by people with hidden agendas.

WE were in great shape in the 50′s and if our politicians would have keep us on the same path we would still be. But anyone that understands business knows that the government has almost bankrupted us as a nation. Yes we had some civil rights problems that needed to be fixed and were .

Why are House Democratic Leaders Proposing Secret Backroom Amnesty Deals,when 78% of Americans agree that no mass amnesties should be granted to illegal aliens only 21% disagree ,so why do they keep pushing amnesty? It’s simple to water down the voting power of those opposing them’

Highways are not being keep up, bridge’s are falling down and killing people.Wasn’t gas tax suppose to be use to keep them up.
A highway is going to be built for Mexico going up the USA to Canada with our tax money, the list goes on and on.

The Government keeps spending more and more with no stopping in sight and with no plan to reduce the National dept.

All our other problems are just window dressing or a means to a end.

Americans are being led around by their nose like sheep by one side or another.

I can only hope that they wake up in time to stop this madness? I think it’s time for a true reform party.

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