Poor Hillary What Went Wrong

By: Ken Hughes

The Rope-a-Dope worked for Muhammad Ali why isn’t it working for Hillary? Why can’t she lean back on the ropes bob and weave until Obama has exhausted is energy and money. There comes a time when even the eloquent orator runs out of words and support. So far Barack Obama has been long on words and short on definitions. His speeches are missing a lot of verbs. Obama is beginning to sound like so many televangelists. “The world will end soon” and if you send a donation I’ll send you the answer to when it will end. But don’t hesitate we must have your contribution before it’s too late.

Something tells me Obama surfaced to lead before he was ready. This wasn’t the roll the Clintons had in mind for Obama. I think the Clintons had scheduled him as house boy doubling as Vice President for Hillary and Bills next eight years in the Whitehouse. When things changed the boy wouldn’t step off the curb into the street. Worse yet Obama threatens Bill Clintons claim to being the first African American president.

I for one don’t have much faith in a man who advocates changing the greatest nation on earth and won’t say how. He seems to think the underachievers are entitled to share equally with the achievers. Castro thought that and now no one in Cuba has anything except the Castro Brothers and their cohorts. It could be coming to your neighbor hoods sooner than you think.

Are the voters so turned off by the Clintons they will resort to supporting a fraud like Barack Obama? I have serious concerns that Barack Obama isn’t a Manchurian Candidate sent by Islam to destroy America as the world knows it. I know this sounds bazaar but stranger things have happened in Washington. The Washingtonians are a strange breed that doesn’t exactly fit the American mold. The more involved these people become in the culture of Washington the less they relate to the rest of America. The rest of America is viewed simply as a cash cow supporting the Washingtonians lifestyle. The securities of the country and the benefits for the public out side of Washington disappeared long ago.

At this point there are three potential candidates in the running for president, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. I for one don’t see much difference between them. Mitt Romney backed up by Fred Thompson would have been my choices, But I’m clairvoyant, I can see behind the Curtin at what we can expect from the Liberals now in the race. It’s may be too late for 2008 but it’s not too late to start planning for 2012. Maybe by then the public will have come to their senses and smelled the coffee [or the political stink] take your pick.

For those who can’t relate to any of the current candidates a write in protest vote is more valid than a wrong vote, no vote is ever wasted.

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