Will Barack Obama Be Shielded By Fear Of Racism

By: Ken Hughes

Will Barack Obama be shielded by the media’s fear of allegations of racism if they openly report all the facts that may come up about his past or present associates and inappropriate behavior? Obama has the endorsement of a racist Muslim clergyman Louis Farrakhan, which is akin to John McCain being endorsed by David Duke. If Obama weren’t half black would the media ignore such a juicy front page headline?

If Barack Obama is going to run for president of America [All of America] then he deserves no more or no less scrutiny than any other candidate, he should be a candidate not a black candidate. He should put is blackness in his senate locker until he either wins or loses the presidency. This country doesn’t need a president who is a member of a minority first and an American second. This shouldn’t appear to be electing a president by instituting affirmative action. Somewhere black special privilege must end in appearance of fairness to everyone.

The media has a tendency to establish a shield favoring blacks who wish to take advantage of their ethnic status. The media make it too easy for blacks to excuse behavior that would normally be unacceptable for the average person. Barack Obama is well educated he’s never personally been the victim of discrimination he has no reason to expect any different treatment than the other candidates. Hillary Clinton is a woman, that doesn’t seem to be working in her favor with the Media. John McCain was crippled in service to his country. The man can’t raise his arms above his chin if that high, how can being black compare to a lifetime of pain.

I’m not suggesting Barack Obama is taking advantage of his black heritage, there’s some speculation he’s a 53rd cousin of Dick Chaney, I’m sure that bothers him more than being black. I don’t have a problem with Obama’s color I object to the media tip toeing around some of Obama and his wife’s inappropriate positions and comments on what it means to be an American.

If I have a problem with Barack Obama’s black heritage it’s because it’s inappropriate in a presidential candidate to seek an advantage in this manor. If it’s his handlers and not him it’s still off the charts. I have a problem with Obama’s socialist politics. Barack Obama is a political neophyte and yet he has the audacity to think he has the answers to what ails America. I like America the way it is. I look at America and the rest of the world and there’s no comparison, America is head and shoulders above anywhere else. If Barack Obama doesn’t see what America stand for he isn’t qualified to be president, not now not ever.

My fear of Obama is not that he doesn’t have the capabilities of leading the nation, not congress nor the bureaucracy. There’re some things in Washington cast in brass that no president can melt and recast in their own image. There are traditions and laws that predate modern Liberal Socialism, things Barack Obama can’t change. My fear is what damage he can do to America abroad by sucking up to the radical Muslim and Socialist leader around the world. America has kept a lid on hostilities preventing a third world war for over 60 years. There have been disturbances in isolated areas to be sure but there has been no Armageddon as the bible predicts and that is due to America’s leadership.

Charisma in the form of a glib John F. Kennedy once put the world on the edge of a third world war I’m referring to the Cuban Missal crises. Let’s hope a charmer like Obama doesn’t do it again. Three of histories most unimpressive looking and acting president were the most effective, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson, there’s a message somewhere in all of that.

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