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March 4, 2008

Was Michelle Obama Asleep When……………..?

When, John F. Kennedy stood up to the USSR and prevented missals form being installed 90 miles from our shores.

FEMA Accused of Creating Health Hazard

Filed under: American Government - 04 Mar 2008

Several news organizations, including the Cable News Network (CNN), have uncovered irrefutable evidence that mobile-home trailers used to temporarily house thousands of victims of New Orleans’ devastating hurricane, and subsequent flood, were treated with a toxic substance known as formaldehyde.

Did Angelina Jolie Just Call for US to ‘Stay in Iraq’?

Filed under: Current Events,Iraq,What The F@#K?!? - 04 Mar 2008

In a recent editorial published in the Washington Post, an unusual call for the USA to stay in Iraq rang out with pleas for the US to commit even more money and resources to help rebuild that war torn …

Armed Americans in National Parks? YES!

There is a storm brewing in America. The storm is over controversial issues, gun rights, and gun control. This saga will play out in the next weeks, or months, or a year, who knows. At issue is whether American citizens …