Was Michelle Obama Asleep When……………..?

By: Ken Hughes

When, John F. Kennedy stood up to the USSR and prevented missals form being installed 90 miles from our shores.

When, Dwight Eisenhower sent the National Guard troops to school so black children would have the same educational opportunity as white children.

When, Harry Truman integrated all government jobs and the US Military.

When, Harry Truman fed our WWII enemy’s and put them back on their feet.

When, Lyndon Johnson with the help of the Republicans in congress passed civil rights acts.

When, America was first with the most to lend aid to Indonesia when the title wave hit them a few years ago.

When, America went to the aid of the Pakistani Mountain People in there hour of need after an earthquake destroyed their region.

When, America was the first to land a man on the moon.

When, Bill Clinton sent troops to the Balkans to prevent genocide of the Muslim population.

When, President Reagan said “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” and
the wall came down, million were freed from communist oppression.

When! There are simply too many incidents when America can be proud for Mrs. Obama to dismiss its accomplishments out of hand in the name of politics. We know what she meant when she made the statement, it was a back handed slap at the Bush administration for the way they’ve handled the affairs of state for the past 7 years. The difference is Bush has accomplished a great deal. What has Barack Obama ever done that can be attributed to his efforts. Making pretty speeches of future intentions doesn’t count. As they say the road to hell is paved with flowery words and good intentions.

I would remind Mrs. Obama America can be credited with more “When’s” than any nation on earth. The word democracy was coined by Greeks it took America to make it a reality. America has feed the world it it’s hour of need, America has feed the world in new technologies. America has protected the world form it oppressors for over a half century. Mrs. Obama’s problem may be she has never had to do for her country her country has always done for her.

I have no doubt what Mrs. Obama thought she said was not what the public heard. That doesn’t excuse her insensitivity to what America stands for. America is about more than making amends for slavery and supporting the underachievers, which is much of what the Obama campaign is based on. Barack Obama speaks long and loud about poverty and nothing about its causes, lack of education, parental responsibility and community involvement. The Obama’s are in that group who think the government can solve all problems. The Obama’s don’t seem to understand the government is simply a microcosm of “We the People”. Everything about America is about we the people it’s never them and us.

Americans are a tolerant lot they excuse a great deal and accept even more in their politicians. They’ll accept silliness, arrogance and even stupidity lies have become an accepted part of politics. Trash America and your close to becoming history. I doubt if Michelle Obama does become first Lady she will ever be accepted by the American people after her “I’m not proud of America statement” regardless how she meant it.

When someone says something inappropriate pertaining to women, blacks or homosexuals they’re usually sent to sensitivity training classes. I wonder if there’s a sensitivity training class for politicians and their spouses, if not there should be.

It doesn’t matter who is elected president there are 535 congress man and women there to hold the president in check should they get to far out of line.
The American founders didn’t trust presidents with the nations check book so they can’t spend us into bankruptcy, only congress can do that.

God bless those brilliant men who gathered at Constitution Hall in Philadelphia and formed this great nation. We often wonder why they didn’t address this or that then we realize they gave “We the People” the tools to address what they intentionally ignored. If they had dotted all the “I” and crossed all the “T” it wouldn’t’ be a government of we the people.

In my opinion Mrs. Obama owes the American people an apology not an explanation. Michelle Obama may have reservations regarding the magnificence’s of America, [aka] The United States, not me after visiting five continents and twenty-seven countries and living seventy-seven years on two continents I know a good thing when I have the opportunity to share in it.

WHRN ANERICA ROCKS IT REALLY ROCKS, anyone who doesn’t realize that has no business living in the Whitehouse.

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