Hate Thy Neighbor – An Examination of Islam

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by Aaron Velasquez

Right Side News – My curiosity about Islam was piqued in the 1990s when I was completing my masters’ degree at St. Johns College. A special section was offered on the Koran and I decided to take the class. During the semester my classmates and I read the book from cover to cover, in English and Arabic. About halfway through the course I realized that the Koran contradicts itself. It became apparent to me that Islam couldn’t help but be schizoid. Some verses said to “respect the people of the book,” that is, Jews and Christians, while other verses spoke of putting the same people to the sword.

I have been following world developments with an eye to Islam since then, and it is clear to me that Islam is still a political
movement intent on domination, despite the cloak of public relations calling it a “religion of peace.” I was presented an outlet for this knowledge when I was asked to write for RightSide News.

It is easy to assume the truth of the oft-repeated statements in the press and by our own President that Islam is “a religion of
peace.” But why do we have to keep reminding ourselves and our Muslim friends that Islam is a religion of peace? When was the last time you questioned the peacefulness of Buddhism? When was the last time the President of the United States of America came on national TV to affirm the peaceful nature of Judaism or Christianity? Plenty of folks on the left will tell you how much harm has been inflicted on others by Christians, but by and large they will reference the Crusades and slavery as proof while declaring infanticide a right.

It seems no one ever bothers to refute these arguments so I will. The Crusades happened hundreds of years ago. No bands of roving Christians are bothering people with sword and cannon now. Besides, the Crusades were a response to an invasion of Europe by Muslims, intent on conquest and conversion by the sword. The Crusades were a long time ago and the Muslims started it.

Why didn’t the Christians turn the other cheek as Jesus told them to? The fault is not with the religion, but with the adherents to the religion. Perhaps they were imperfect people doing their best who got tired of being slaughtered. It is hard to love your neighbor when he takes over the neighborhood.

Why did the Muslims invade Europe? Because their prophet told them to. Muslims were and are enjoined to go forth and convert people to Islam forcibly or kill them. The distinct difference is that Christians are expected to practice tolerance, but Muslims are expected to practice beheading infidels.

Until very recently, slavery, the other black mark against Christendom (pun intended) was a worldwide institution, not a Christian, or as is so often insinuated, a white institution. The people selling African slaves to Europeans were Islamic Africans. Christians cast off the moral chains of the practice of slavery after two thousand years of it being acceptable practice everywhere. Good for the Christians for finally getting it right. Yet, the Muslims in Saudi Arabia are still keeping their Filipina house slaves.

The Saudis are also funding Madrassas across the Muslim world.Madrassas are schools for Muslim boys where only the most inflammatory sections of the Koran are taught, and only the peculiarly Medieval interpretations of Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab are used to illuminate the passages. Generation after generation of young men are brought up to hate their neighbor, not love, forgive, or tolerate him.

Graduates of these schools go on to a variety of prestigious careers. Some organize operations against the West, such as the bombing of the USS Cole, the attack on the Marine baracks in Beirut, the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, and of course the demolition of 9/11/2001. Some will recruit desperate or retarded children for suicide bombings against schools, nightclubs, shops and other secular targets. When has another religion endorsed such an inversion of morals?

Yusuf Islam , AKA Cat Stevens, publicly called for the death of Salman Rushdie for writing “The Satanic Verses.” Muslims plotted the death of Danish cartoonists for daring to mock their prophet in print. Islam sanctions and encourages these murder calls, or ‘fatwas’. When have you ever heard of this sort of behavior sanctioned by another religion?

Who would call for my death after publishing this article, and what religion would they belong to? I have small children, and it has crossed my mind that I should use a pen name. Evidence proclaims that Islam is a not a religion, not of peace, but a political movement of violent conquest. It is true that not all Muslims are violent, and that not all sects of Islam preach violence, but the Koran still encourages it. The religion is flawed because the book is flawed. We can only hope that sane Muslims continue to purposefully overlook the sections of their holy book that tell them to cut off our heads.

Aaron Velasquez, Sleuth of the Realm and co-founder of The Clue Society.

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