Who Is Barack Obama, What Is Barack Obama

By: Ken Hughes

All we know about Barack Obama is what he’s been telling us. The media certainly hasn’t dug very deep into his past. We know nothing about his parents or the grandparents who raised him. There are his biographies that he undoubtedly wrote or at least contributed to. They usually don’t give an honest inside view of the subject.

Senator Obama as far as we know has no practical experience that would qualify him as president of the most important country in the world. Most presidential candidates have some noteworthy accomplishments to their credit Obama doesn’t seem to have any. At this point Obama is the result of a very well crafted publicity campaign choreographed by some of the best PR people in the country. The public knows nothing about Obama other than he is being presented as the second coming of John Kennedy. I find that disturbing, as I remember it President John Kennedy made a dozen mistakes for every one of his few accomplishments. It took an assassins bullet and Lyndon Johnson to create the Kennedy myth, [legacy]

I have a problem with Obama making all kinds of promises that don’t stand a chance of passing even the most liberal congress. I’m also concerned with his message of hope for America. Presidents set an agenda that must be approved by congress. Senator Obama seems to be by-passing not only congress but the majority of the American people. Senator Obama is promoting changing without explaining what those changes will be or what they will cost or the adverse effect they will have.

Senator Obama doesn’t seem to realize all his progressive programs must be paid for by the tax payer dollars, not the rich tax payers congress has set them apart with special IRS regulations. We’re talking about the middle class taxpayer, those earning a household income of less than $ 100K per year.

If Senator Obama were a more seasoned congressman he would understand nothing in Washington is done in the open. I’m sure Senator Obama has been around politics long enough to know it’s safe to promise the moon and stares when he knows all he has to deliver is fairy dust.

We could live with another Slick Willy if there were a Newt Gingrich backing him up. Its doubtful Barack Obama has the seasoning to deal with the domestic economy or world leaders who count. I have no doubt he could sit down with the likes of Hugo Chavez and discuss socialism and come to some personal agreements. That would not sell to the American public or the congress no matter how progressive they may seem. Liberals are very aware the business community they so despise are the ones who pay for the bread on their tables. Politicians have pitted industry and labor against each other for a century or more.. They know and understand without industry there’s no labor and without labor there are no taxes and without taxes there are no congressional perks.

Obama’s Post University career has been built on legalized extortion he knows who pays and who benefits. This is why so many are so skeptical regarding his promises, Hope isn’t what the country needs its incentive, motivation and education its family, faith and trust. I’ve often wondered how politicians can motivate voters to vote for them by trying to dig America into an abyss. If America is as bad as politicians are painting it what kind of person would want to be part of its governing body?

The founding fathers with their vast powers of perception chose to establish a government “Of the people by the people and for the people.” with enough built in safeguards to prevent the elitists from taking over. That is unless we abort our diligences and allow it to happen.


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