The Regulators and You

By: Keith Allison

As a few of my readers already know, I, along with about 25 other concerned Americans, have filed a federal lawsuit in an effort to upend some of the government corruption in the state of Washington. We didn’t enter into the lawsuit lightly; we did it only after state and federal officials refused to do their duty and end a regulatory program that denied citizens of the state of Washington and the other 49 states of their Common Law Rights to Earn a Living at Their Chosen Occupation. In our lawsuit, we named the employees and/or members of the Washington Denturist Association, the American Dental Association, the Washington State Dental Association, and their constituent societies and/or associations, the governor, attorney general, past and present secretary’s of The Department of Health and Department of Licensing. We did not name individuals or employees of any other states, because we believed that residents of the other states should follow our lead and demand their rights be respected too.

To date, our only rewards have been to discover how deeply engrained the nations regulatory morass is steeped in corruption at all levels of government, particularly the judicial/legal system. I say that due to our fruitless efforts to locate legal assistance with our case, and then what we’ve had to deal with in the way of corruption within the judicial system that does nothing but promote a regulatory system that is focused on regulating people’s lives to the point that they will tell us when we can inhale, and when we are to exhale.

I can’t say that we didn’t have a few attorney’s who set out to help us, but for the few who did not drop our case like a hot rock, they found to their chagrin that the threats against their law licenses were not mere idle chatter; for the hand full that refused to knuckle under to these threats from members of the Bar, they did lose their licenses to practice law.

As for the legislature, we informed them and all levels of state and federal government of the corruption we had confronted, but it did no good. In one instance, a state representative mailed a letter to a county prosecutor asking that she investigate our complaints; and if our complaints proved valid, which they did, to prosecute the wrong-doers. But, like most everything else involving corruption, nothing ever came of it. The Washington State Department of Health did an investigation into our complaints, and found that members of the Washington Denturist Association were given the questions and answers to a licensing examination that would eventually lead to an official Washington State Denturist License. But, even after confirming our allegations on this point, Bruce Miyahara, the Secretary of The Washington State Department of Health appointed the very individuals involved in the illegal licensing scheme to run the Board of Denture Technology and the licensing examinations for potential Washington State Denturists.

And then, there’s the judiciary. In some instances where dentistry had denturists harassed and hauled into court for practicing their chosen occupation, some of the judges went along with government’s agenda, but a select few refused to play politics with the denturists’ lives. In four of those cases, the Courts ordered the state to hold full evidentiary hearings into the issue, but the state refused to comply. Now, had that been you or me refusing to obey a court order, we would be sitting in the local slammer; but, not our illustrious employees of The Office of The Washington State Attorney General (Christine Gregoire at that time). So, those four denturists were allowed to continue practicing their chosen occupations without further government interference. In one other case, the judge found the denturist not guilty of any wrong-doing, but, according to the judge’s wife, after he had received telephone calls at his home from “just about every dentist in town,” he agreed to hold a “rehearing” into the matter and find the denturist guilty.

Knowing how the state judicial system worked, and having been unable to obtain the assistance of counsel for our case, we decided to file the case ourselves in The United States District Court in Seattle. The case was placed in Judge J.L. Robart’s court where it languished for nearly a year. Despite our repeated motions for discovery and/or a court date, Judge Robart sat on the case and did nothing. However, just before a year was up, he tossed the case out claiming we hadn’t complied with his orders to furnish information he wanted. Of course that information was impossible to supply, because he wanted to know “on precisely what dates did the defendants perform certain acts.”

When I received the notification that Judge Robart had dismissed our case, I noticed that he had signed the order on the 15th of the month, but we didn’t receive it until the 26th. So, it seems as though someone in the court sat on the order for almost two weeks before mailing it out.

I received Judge Robarts’ order on the 26th, and mailed an appeal to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals the following day. I received a letter from the Court Clerk dated the 13th of December notifying me that our filing fee hadn’t been submitted, so I sent the clerk a letter containing a copy of the Bank Draft showing that we had, in fact, submitted our filing fee with the Notice of Appeal. Soon thereafter, we received another notice from the court that we were to submit our claims and evidence no later than the 27th of January 2008, and the defense was to submit theirs by 28 February 2008. We complied and had some, but not all of our evidence in by the required date, but the defendants submitted absolutely nothing in their defense. Around the 15th of February, I received a motion from the defense to dismiss the case claiming we had not submitted our claim in a timely manner (within 30 days of the dismissal). Several days later, I received a notice from the court dismissing our case because we had purportedly “not submitted our appeal in a timely manner.” It was pure hog wash and a blatant lie as I pointed out in my Motion For Reconsideration, but since the judges of the 9th Circuit, like Judge Robart earlier, probably caved in to political and/or financial pressure from the defense, I seriously doubt they will look favorably on my last motion.

So, where do we go from here? It is our intent to appeal to The United States Supreme Court for justice. It is not likely we will prevail in that endeavor, but we will at least try to overcome the corruption we’ve been saddled with. So you ask, if you don’t think you will prevail, why bother? Its simple lady’s and gentlemen; if someone doesn’t try to mitigate some of the corruption the nation is saddled with, we will no longer hold onto our freedoms granted by God and guaranteed by the U.S. and state Constitutions. And, if no one tries to stop the corruption, organizations like the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (never heard of that one, have you) will erode those freedoms behind the closed doors of the bureaucracy. If you don’t believe me, look up the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation on your computer and decide for yourself. That Council is set-up as an organ of government, and only bureaucrats, government officials and others who want to regulate every aspect of your life are allowed to become members of the Council. Their motto is “Regulatory Excellence.”

Knowledge is the key that unlocks the shackles of bondage.

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