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March 11, 2008

A career gone Favre enough

Filed under: Potpourri - 11 Mar 2008

On March 4th, fans of the Green Bay Packers received their April Fool’s prank about four weeks early–except this was no joke. Brett Favre, the Packer’s iconic quarterback since the stone age, shocked the sporting world by announcing his …

Liberal-Progressive Mind Control

Socialism, of which liberal-progressivism is the American sect, is more than control of the economy. Most importantly it is mind-control through the public education system. The Washington Times reports the latest liberal-progressive-socialist curtailment of personal freedom.

Being ‘Poor’ A New Qualification for Denver’s ‘Gifted’ School Programs

The Denver Post gave us a fine example — not that they meant to — of why every year our schools are turning out more semi-literate kids with over inflated egos. To the Post, of course, it’s all good …

Clinton Judge Favors Savage Terrorists over Dr. Michael Savage?

During the eight years in which Bill Clinton “served” as president of these United States, irreparable harm was inflicted on America’s military forces, sovereignty, moral values, and judicial system.

The Question McCain Needs to Answer

Many Republicans—this writer included—are not happy with the thought of Senator John McCain as their presidential nominee. Many of these same Republicans are not happy with the Republican Party’s drift toward big government and away from conservative principles.