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March 12, 2008

Banks Stick Foreigner-Scammed Consumers

Filed under: What The F@#K?!? - 12 Mar 2008

In December of 2007, someone close to me was contacted by a company that had come across their resume on one of the large Internet job sites. They were contracted for a short-term project that ended in mid-January 2008. Toward …

Democrats Unable to Manage Primaries, Much Less a Nation

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Democrats - 12 Mar 2008

Do leaders of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) actually expect the American people to believe that their party has the wherewithal to manage the most powerful nation of earth, when that same party is apparently unable to manage a simple …

Rep. Steve King: Vilified for Telling the Truth

Filed under: Elections & Voting,Politics In General - 12 Mar 2008

In 2005, I wrote the article ‘Will Humans “PC” Themselves out of Existence?’ Tragically—but predictably—today the answer appears to be an unambiguous and resounding “Yes!” The purveyors and proponents of “political correctness” have now reached the apex of their inherent …

Government Report Claims Success with Secure Border Intiative

Filed under: American National Security,Immigration - 12 Mar 2008

In November 2005, the Department of Homeland Security established the Secure Border Initiative (SBI), a multiyear, multibillion-dollar program to secure US borders.

Further Proof NPR Caters to Extreme Left

Jennifer Harper, Washington Times reporter, gives us a revealing look at how far left our taxpayer funded National Public Radio network has gotten itself these days. Even when they try to go a little toward the conservative side of …