Al Qa’ida in Iraq Reveals Problems – Part 2

By: Guest Authors

By Norman Lihou

More documents from Al-Qa’ida in Iraq (AQI) reveal their ongoing problems and how they have turned against their former Iraqi Sunni allies.

One document points out the groups and organizations that AQI feels is dangerous and that their leadership should immediately be eliminated. These groups include the Hispanic Army (poss. means Islamic Army), the 20th Revolution Brigades, the Islamic Army, the Conqueror Army, the Mujahedeen Army and Ansar Al Sunna’ah (the Legal Body).

AQI even points out individuals to make their death list. The people are Abu Mustapha. (Abd Al Aziz Al Bu Katea’a) of the Hispanic Army, Abu Abd Allah (Hamdai Al Abbasi) of the Mujahedeen Army, the brother of Abu Abd Allah (mentioned previously), Mullah Maher from the District of Al Ishaqi and part of the Ansar Al Mujahedeen Army, Abu Belal Al Hourobi from the District of Al Ishaqi and part of the Ansar Al Mujahedeen Army and Mullah Shawkat

Another document shows that the Sunnis are fed up with AQI or as they are known in Iraq as the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) where they have claimed to have governance over 12 regional areas:

The leadership of Jaysh Al Mujahedeen admitted giving the order to kill and remove any members from the (Organization) meaning Al Qaeda, in all areas of Arab Jabour, Hourab, Al Latifiea and 337 Area regardless of their associations.

They did threaten members of our government (ISI) in front of many people from the area. They targeted one of our vehicles with an explosive device, hidden under the seat of the car. This resulted in his death and the injury of two other passengers. All were members of the government.

Included in other documents is the killing of a husband and wife who worked for the Americans, another man who worked for the Samarra Emergency Police and the major problems with Al Rabbi, a branch of the Al Jabour tribe from the Arab Al Jabour region of Iraq. AQI has recently posted a video of them burning alive some of their former allies.

This fracturing of the once all powerful AQI is something that should make headline news. Our question of the day, where exactly is the coverage of these huge setbacks for Al Qa’ida being reported?

Norman Lihou is the Director of Intelligence at the Non Governmental Intelligence Agency (NGIA) ( and provides analysis about information he finds at the website Thinking Points ( NGIA is committed to provide a pure analysis of current and ongoing situations in the world, while applying historical lessons learned for a comprehensive view of how that may impact our lives. This analysis is conducted without any political, administration, organization and/or agency bias, agenda, goals or gains. NGIA goes beyond the headlines and the sound bites to better educate and inform the public, business and government sectors on what they can do to recognize the threat and protect themselves.

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