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March 15, 2008

Praying for Silda and the Three Spitzer Daughters

Filed under: In The News - 15 Mar 2008

Eliot Spitzer will soon be evicted from the New York state governor’s mansion to begin the rest of life in shame and humiliation. May the eternal flames of hell consume this evil monster with all the wrath and pain that …

Shocking Story of Gay Porn as Required Reading in High School

Filed under: Education & Schools,What The F@#K?!? - 15 Mar 2008

The story of an Illinois high school making a gay pornographic play required reading for seniors has been reported since March 7th, but it has been ignored for the most part with only a handful of news outlets having …

Transition in Banking

Filed under: Economics,History - 15 Mar 2008

A brief historical overview of changing banking practices abetted by the Fed’s inflationary expansion of the currency. The main effect of the Fed’s current moves is to bail out the financial institutions. That’s what opponents of creating the Fed …

Harsh Domestic Violence Laws Recall Jim Crow Abuses

Misty Ospina was dropping off her eight-month-old child at Richard Gibson’s apartment when the two fell into an argument. Suddenly Ospina, jealous over Gibson’s new girlfriend, grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her ex.

Calling a Spade a Spade

Shame on anyone who thought the title might be a racial epithet referring to Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Hussein Obama, by the way. No, this suggests common usage of the idiom, the imperative for America’s awakening to the fact that …