Calling a Spade a Spade

By: Erik Rush

“The god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light…”
2 Corinthians 4, Verse 4

Shame on anyone who thought the title might be a racial epithet referring to Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Hussein Obama, by the way. No, this suggests common usage of the idiom, the imperative for America’s awakening to the fact that the “Obamanon,” indeed, so many Americans being this close to electing a president as far Left as Obama (or Hillary Clinton, for that matter) has been a major propaganda coup for the far Left, regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat takes office next January.

“I feel like I’m living in an amalgam of the films ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Brazil,’ and possibly ‘The Fifth Element’” I told a colleague a week or so ago, so absolutely surreal America’s collective perception and the nature (or “vibe” if you will) of this election cycle appear at present. This somnambulistic political gravitation bespeaks a dark future in which our technology and infrastructure advance so fast that the head spins, yet the life of the individual is one of moral ambivalence, squalor and personal devaluation, as is so often portrayed in such cinematic forays.

The far Left leviathan has become a proverbial elephant in the room that no one will acknowledge, for reasons particular to the room’s individual occupants, but often incomprehensible to those peering in through the window.

They Eat Their Own, Again: Last week saw the controversy over Irish Pulitzer Prize-winning author Samantha Power’s departure as a foreign policy advisor from Barack Obama’s campaign after calling Hillary Clinton a “monster” in an interview. Granted that some on the Right may agree, but to ascribe the moniker to a fellow party member of the candidate one is advising is a prime example of the far Left’s modus operandi.

More than Power’s imprudent words is an American presidential hopeful tapping far Left European talent – one of the most potent varieties thereof – to advise on foreign policy in the first place. This lends credence to the contention that it is one of the goals of the far Left to mold America into something more resembling Europe culturally and in terms of foreign policy. The European political process is chaotic as compared to that of the U.S. (at least at present); to deny this is sheer delusion. The degree of socialist-fostered cultural and economic degradation in so many European nations is also glaringly evident.

One might argue that both Democrat contenders have taken their share of hits from the press, particularly if one examines how Barack Obama has been scrutinized in recent weeks, this including the Samantha Power incident and his ties to Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan. It is a mistake to interpret this as fair media coverage. Those in the press by and large are prostitutes at heart; they’re ultimately going for ratings, their bottom line. They may want a Democrat in the Oval Office, but they have no compunction as regards dragging him (or her) naked over miles of salted, rusty razor blades along the way.

“We had a conservative administration for eight years and look where it got us!” The “major propaganda coup” to which I referred earlier has its roots in machinations of the establishment media, and in Americans’ tendency toward viewing things in absolutes, efforts toward the contrary notwithstanding. The unconventional nature of the War on Terror as Americans understand it presented the opportunity for the media – many of whose principals possess a ‘Sixties-era activist mindset – to promote widespread ambivalence as regards a myriad of issues surrounding the conflict, including where and how it is being fought, and its duration.

Then there is the opportunity this presented to criticize, condemn and second guess every effort on the part of the Bush administration to prosecute the war, and to sour Americans on conservatives and Republicans in general. After all, Bush is a conservative, and all he’s done is exacerbate the situation, right?

Neither of these assertions is true, of course; were this widely understood, voters wouldn’t be looking at the choices they have today. One, President Bush has done reasonably well pertaining to the War on Terror despite equivocation at unfortunate junctures. Armchair quarterbacking this war by anyone is presumptuous at best. Two, excepting social issues, Bush simply isn’t a conservative.

Over the last four years or so, the collection of invertebrates and elites in the Republican leadership has marginalized conservatives, probably the deadliest blow to the party during that time. Between this and the efforts of the far Left (the press in particular), the result is that Americans don’t want a conservative presidential candidate because they think they have one in the White House right now.

So, “calling a spade a spade” is nothing more than acknowledging that the lion’s share of culpability with respect to the tenor of this election cycle lies with the far Left, which continues to be America’s most treacherous, destructive and dangerous enemy. Even if John McCain becomes our next president, they have done a good deal more toward their oft-articulated “taking back” of America that the vast majority of the electorate is aware. They’re winning. Perhaps half of America believes we’ll be better off with a nefarious socialist or a black nationalist in the White House than a conservative, real conservatives are more cowed than they were even three years ago, and the far Left propaganda machine grows more effective and more powerful with every detainee in Iraq who sprains his wrist while in American military custody.

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