The Media’s Making Of Barack Obama

By: Ken Hughes

There’s no question Barack Obama is getting more than his share of positive publicity from the Media. Hilary on the other hand is getting screwed by the media. Nearly every picture published makes Hillary look like Godzilla with a toothache, this can’t be coincidence. One year ago Hillary was the Media’s man to beat for the Democratic nomination of president. Somewhere that got sidetracked, the media turned on Hillary like a Lyon on its handler. All of a sudden Hillary became persona-non-grata in the eyes of the media. The New York Times has run an unscrupulous campaign downgrading Hillary as a potential presidential caudate. When the Liberal Times turns on a liberal candidate that candidate is in trouble.

The media in general has been kinder to Barack Obama than Hillary Clinton, this is something if Obama wins the Democratic nomination will not continue. The media doesn’t operate in a vacuum they’re adversarial by nature. Once the media wakes up to the fact Obama is not only half black he is also half white and was raised white by his white grandparents in a state and city where skin color isn’t discriminated against. Once Hillary is out of the picture if that is going to be the case the media will turn on Obama. Unless they fear a black backlash a kin to what happens in the Muslim world. A united America seem to rapidly becoming a fractured America.

To date Barack Obama has strayed above dirty party politics. That doesn’t mean his wife Michelle and his Pastor the Reverend Wright and his mentor Louis Farrakhan haven’t used race baiting remarks of encouragement for the black community. It’s going to be difficult for anyone to make a case for Obama ever having had any ancestors who were ill treated by a southern plantation owner. The Obama’s go into the black communities promising the sun the moon and all the stares, they come back to the white voters and explain that wasn’t what they meant when they said______.

Barack Obama is playing a dangerous game by allowing his organizations race bating even though he’s been able to separate himself from such tactics he is still captain of his ship. There will come a day very soon when he will have to ether denounce all the allegations of black oppression in today’s America [something that simply isn’t true] or suffer the consequences of his originations back handed race bating tactics. It’s time Obama and his ilk realizes if a trillion dollars pumped into the black community in the past half century doesn’t satisfy there needs for the feeling of equality not even a black president can.

How are the majority of the voters to judge Barack Obama? Do they judge him by his flowery speeches, his handsome persona or do they judge him by his past 20 year association with race bating preachers like Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpten and who knows how many others. The voters know very little about Barack Obama other than his gift for words. His life before politics is pretty much a blank, if he becomes the nominee of the democratic party will the media track down and report his past indiscretions like they do every other candidate. No one is as letter perfect as Obama staff presents him.

Black and Hispanic votes alone assuming he gets all their votes can’t elect Barack Obama president. What we are seeing in the primaries isn’t what we’ll be seeing in the general election. Voters in the general election aren’t so easily swayed by pretty faces and grandiose oratory. Hillary Clinton stood in the shadows while great decisions were being made around her some of it had to rub off. She spent eight years as a surrogate spellbinder for her husband then President Bill Clinton. That and her six years as an active US Senator bring her a lot closer to qualifying as president than Barack Obama’s lackluster two years in the US Senate and his years in the Illinois Legislature where just showing up occasionally is satisfactory. As a matter of fact Barack Obama doesn’t have one thing he can hang his hat on as a legislative accomplishment.

It really doesn’t matter whose elected president, as dysfunctional as congress is these days nothing good or bad is going to be accomplished in the US Legislature in the next four years. What the media isn’t telling is there are 535 congress man and women who are in fear of being voted out of office if they continue doing business as usual. Congress may be safe in 2008 but in 2010 most will be fair game with no presidential election curtain to hide behind many will either change their ways or go by the way.

Barack Obama is reminiscent of those old Radio Evangelists who broadcast from along the Texas Mexican boarder in the 50 60 and 70’s. They made outlandish promises without ever explaining what the promise was about. They preached sermons without verbs, this is what Obama is doing he’s making promises and only explaining the bare minimum of what his promises are about. Obama throws five figure billions of dollar promises around like they were chump change at a church raffle. The public isn’t buying much of what he’s selling, at least not the public I listen to.

Both Obama and Clinton want to change America without explaining what a new America according to their changes would consist of. Quite frankly many of us aren’t that uncomfortable with the America we have now, at least we know what to expect. Not to worry anyone who’s familiar with how this government works know its all puff. It’s like Peacocks fanning their tail feathers strutting around the barnyard trying to attract attention, when the tail feathers come down their just another defrocked Peacock.

The media and the candidates are doing everything in their power to make these caucuses and primaries seem like the real thing there not, they aren’t even close. For the most part what we’re seeing now are supporters of the candidates as well as the curious and those who wish to disrupt the system.

Half of the votes cast could very well change come November’s elections.

Beware of trusting the Media and Pundits, what they don’t know about this election far exceeds what they think they know. Politics is like the weather its unpredictable and forever changing.

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