Are we now seeing the Real Obama?

By: Sher Zieve

or months Democrat Senator and now presidential nominee-hopeful Barack Hussein Obama has presented himself as the ‘inspirational’ candidate of ‘change’ who would ‘heal the divisiveness in the nation’. However, instead of providing change or healing the nations’ disunity, Obama brings us—via his spiritual mentor whom he has unabashedly praised—old fashioned racism, race-baiting and their subsequent products discord, strife and an even greater call for dissension and conflict.

Despite his protestations to the contrary, now-exposed stealth candidate Obama’s hidden agenda appears to contain these ideologies based upon the acts of rebellion. No wonder the anarchists and Communists love Obama!

To reiterate from my previous columns, Obama’s mentor and preacher Pastor Jeremiah Wright has spewed black-separatist, anti-white, anti-European, anti-USA and pro-African, anti-Semite and pro-Palestinian (Wright even went with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to Libya) racist messages from his church pulpit for the last 30 years. Although Obama now claims ignorance of the sermons, these hate-filled ‘worship’ services are how Wright established his incendiary reputation.

Note: Newsmax reports that Obama was—at the very least—in attendance for Wright’s odious 22 July 2007 sermon. Obama joined Wright’s church (where the ‘good’ preacher was Senior Pastor), Trinity United Church of Christ, over 20 years ago. Wright married Obama and his wife Michelle (who has also made anti-American statements) and baptized Obama’s children. Obama even used the title of one of Wright’s sermons “The Audacity of Hope” as the title for one of his books.

Obama knew exactly who and what Jeremiah Wright was and is, including his attitudes and beliefs as evidenced in his sermons. In fact, he knew Wright so well that prior to his announcing a run on the Democrat ticket for the presidency of the United States of America, Obama asked that Wright ‘distance himself’ from the campaign. Obama knew. Obama also, quite apparently, holds the same anti-US/anti-white/pro-terrorist views and beliefs as expressed by his church. If he did not, he would have left it years ago. But, he and his wife have stayed—and stayed—and stayed.

In fact, Trinity United Church of Christ is now even trying to compare the hateful Wright to the Reverend Martin Luther King! The Reverend King did NOT preach hatred. This is an insult to his character. It seems to me that Pastor Wright would be better compared to David Duke.

It also appears that we are now seeing the real Barack Obama—a man who believes in and now not-so-secretly supports the beliefs of Wright’s racist rhetoric. Is this someone who can honestly and faithfully lead the country? Hardly. Or, perhaps he is the one who can lead the USA into some final abyss. Is this who you want? May God help us if it is.




Sher Zieve is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. (

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