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March 21, 2008

Essential American Truths That Immigrants Must Accept

Filed under: Immigration - 21 Mar 2008

As the debate over immigration rages on and on, it is clear that many Hispanics, including those here legally, and advocate groups such as La Raza and the ACLU who work on behalf of illegal aliens, need to understand and …

Purdue U Liberals, Stupid is as Stupid Does

My Momma didn’t always say stupid is as stupid does, but someone’s did. In any case, who ever it was that said it, the sentiment is dead on when the bromide is applied to the union thugs and liberals (I …

The Audacity Of Hopelessness

As a Jew, growing up in New York, I participated in religious studies no different from my Christian friends. Although the books we read may have been different in context, the message was the same. Be a good person, believe …

California Should Celebrate March 31 as Dr. Michael Savage Day!

Filed under: Politics In General - 21 Mar 2008

California is world renowned for goofy politics and politicians, leftist lunacy, and just plain craziness. That insanity obviously spills over to the manner by which priorities are established here in the Golden State.

Freedom’s Foundation

Over the past eight years, out-of-control spending, Iraq, economic concerns, and the culture wars have eclipsed gun control in the public debate over politics. However, the renewed debate that accompanied the expiration the assault weapons ban has shown that Americans …