Shame On You Barack Obama

By: Ken Hughes

Shame On You Barack Obama

When your father ran off when you were two and your mother abandoned you when you were ten it was that “typical white woman” grandmother who took you in and raised you. You were raised as far away from the impoverished inner-city squalor as it was possible to get. Why you have deliberately distanced your self from the white grandparents who raised you when both your father and mother abandoned you is beyond my comprehension. The question was asked on another web site if “Barack Obama had to be an Oreo Cookie to be president”. Barack Obama is an Oreo Cookie and acts every bit the part. He’s vanilla on the outsides and dark chocolate in the center. It’s not a matter of what color he is its more who he disrespects along the way and so far he’s trashing the hell out of white people.

Obama may think he can trash white voters then come back with some half hearted explanation and redeem himself, he can’t. The way he addresses the race issue now will determine his acceptability in the fall election. These candidates are eluding themselves if they think the primaries and caucuses are the feelings of those who will be voting in the general elections in November, they’re not.

Barack Obama’s made a serious error in judgment, he’s relying on there being enough Blacks, Hispanics and hard corps Liberals to carry him into the Whitehouse, there aren’t. He will discover when and if he becomes the nominee his progressive promises designed to support the underachievers won’t fly with those who’ll be stuck with the billion of dollars it will take to finance his promises. The public isn’t nearly as dumb as politicians think.

Barack Obama has misjudged the influence and power of the Clintons. Barack Obama is stealing Hillary’s birthright and that she won’t give up without a fight. If Hillary has to pull a JFK and go back and recount some votes she’ll do it. If Hillary can’t beat Obama in 2008 she will have destroyed him by 2012. The Clintons aren’t pleasant losers.

When Hillary came from the Whitehouse to the Senate she was very careful not to let her previous stature rock the boat, She played it cool and made some friends, she created some IOU’s on her behalf from other congress persons. In other words she played the Washington games she needed to in order to get where she is. Obama came on like a young rooster crowing to those who would listen. Those who were listening, the National Media were his least likely supporters. The media are like whores anyone willing to satisfy their desires gets their attention for a price. The price is usually lack of commitment and disloyalty.

Barack Obama isn’t a seasoned politician nor does he have a seasoned political base. His backing comes from the Black Ministers who have decided it’s their turn to run the country. Men like Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpten, Jeremiah Wright and a myriad of others to inconsequential to mention. When we hear these men speak and view their actions we are left to wonder how much of their sermons are religious and how much is self-aggrandizement. It seems there’s more politics than religion in many of these Black Super Churches around the country.

Many of us are beginning to question just how much of their ministry is for promoting God and how much is for promoting graft and coruption.

I can afford to be called a racist, I know what a racist is and I can assure you there are more black racists today than there are white racists. Black racisms is taught to black children in schools, churches and in their homes. There’s little mention of the trillions of dollars handed out by the government to improve the plight of the black community. If every Black person were given a million dollars each in cash for the past 40 years there would still be money left over from what has been doled out on a verity of failed programs.

Before anyone votes for Barack Obama be advised as president he will have very little domestic power to make the changes he proposes. He can’t even screw up our international trade agreements without the consent of congress. It’s safe to say Barack Obama is full of a lot of “Who Shot John” when it comes to what he intends to do as president. There are 535 congress men and women who share his power and they aren’t likely to turn America into the African Territory Obama’s mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright suggested and Obama hasn’t satisfactorily renounced as yet.

The real campaigning starts after the parties conventions, then will be the time to pay very close attention to candidates of both Parties and their promises.

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