Hillary Clinton: America’s Babe in the Bunker?

By: John Lillpop

Who would have imagined that CBS, the network of liberal icons Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow, and Dan Rather, would devolve to the point of being a part of the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,” which has haunted Hillary Rodham Clinton for lo these many years?

Yet that is precisely what happened when CBS went Eye to eyeball with Mrs. Clinton and all that phooey she was peddling about being a target of sniper fire in Bosnia.

The Eye dug up some archived video of what really happened in 1996. Hillary, confronted with the truth and facts, blinked. She blinked big time.

As it turns out, there was no sniper fire aimed at Hillary, or anyone else for that matter. At least not on the occasion that Hillary has used as the basis for her “Experienced and Ready to Go” campaign nonsense.

Instead, CBS cameras captured the former first lady being warmly welcomed by a young girl, and otherwise making a pest of herself by asking annoying questions and dropping fake smiles on patriotic Americans serving in the military.

Had the footage been in the archives of the DNC or James Carville, it would have surely read,” Hillary Clinton Photo Ops–Save for 2008 presidential election.”

Unfortunately for Hillary, those damnable CBS videos were not available when her speech writers sat down and crafted a pack of lies about Clinton’s foreign policy experience, including her courageous run through sniper fire in Bosnia.

Mind you, Hillary probably did have to dodge sniper fire during the Clinton Administration. But not in Bosnia, or while on any official business of the United States of America.

But with irate husbands, boy friends, fathers, and brothers seeking revenge against Slick Willie for innumerable sexual assaults on their good ladies, and not so good ladies, one stood a better chance of facing sniper fire in the Oval Office and adjoining rooms of the White House itself than Hillary did on Airforce One in 1996!

Still, one feels pity for this over 60 feminist with disapproval ratings near 50 percent.

After all, in this age of high technology and mass communication, being a congenital liar is not an easy task. Not even for a seasoned professional like Hillary Rodham Clinton!

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