How Liberal Politics Sways Pundits Opinions

By: Ken Hughes

I just read an article promoting an Obama / Richardson ticket. The writers reasoning was such a ticket would bring America closer to the other nations in the world. Is that why we elect our public officials to bring us in line with other countries? What do other countries have to offer that America doesn’t?

I don’t see Americans swimming vast expansions of ocean to Cuba or Haiti to escape despair and deprivation. I don’t see Americans sneaking into Mexico to obtain work to feed their families. What I’ve always seen is an America that’s a magnet to the worlds impoverished and discontented. It appears to me the world is better served becoming more like Americans.

The writer suggested because of Barack [Berry] Obama’s multi-cultural background he could bring racial tensions in America to an end. First racial tensions in America are deliberately created by a Black Cabal for power and profit, Barack Obama is their new spokesman. The Reverends Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpten. Louis Farrakhan, Uncle Jeremiah Wright and a pack of other Black Preachers use race as a cash cow to maintain their opulent lifestyles. It has little to do with race or religion and a lot to do with power and money.

Barack Obama lost ground with many voters when he disrespected his white grandmother who raised him when he was abandoned by a father, stepfather and his mother. In trying to justify the remarks of his Pastoral leader Rev. Wright he referred to his grandmother as “any white woman” because she repeated something Jesse Jackson said a few years earlier. Barack’s reaction was only to satisfy his black constituency. It was deplorable and is bound to cost him white votes if he is the nominee as it should.

I suspect when Rev. Jeremiah Wright first heard Barack Obama sing “Let My People Go” he recognized talent in that Golden Voice and was bent on harvesting it in the name of Trinity Church and the Black Cabal it represents. Barack Obama is intelligent, charismatic, ambitious and cunning none of which qualifies him to be president. As far as we know he doesn’t have a brother Bobby to bail him out when he gets in to deep.

Fortunately there are 535 congress men and women who can hold a potential president in check who seems out of control, [Hell has no fury like a congress person’s ego!] Most of the proposals Barack Obama’s hinting at will never come to pass. Only congress has the authority to approve the mechanics [laws] necessary to change the system.

The founding fathers being comprised of the colonies most prominent egotists saw a potential for disaster if any one man or group were empowered to dominate the new government. They set down rules in the constitution preventing any one group from having total control. These rules have held politicians in check for over 200 years, let’s pray it never changes.

For a moment let’s review some of Barack Obama’s proposals. If he’s elected president he is committed to removing al troops from Iraq, That means the next day the Iranians move in and take over the country. Women will once more become chattel without rights. A wave of genocide will sweep across the Middle East as Iran expands its Islamic culture. The next victim after Iraq will be Israel and how would Barack handle an attack on Israel? Iranians are not Arabs they’re Persians, they’ve had centuries old hatred for Arabs. The only common denominator id their Islamic faith and that varies by definition. It’s the Iranians intent to regain the Old Persian Empire in all its glory regardless of the cost in lives.

The author I spoke of earlier suggested Barack Obama and Bill Richardson could put America back on track I wonder what track is being talked about.
Of the 13 presidents I’ve lived under, [Hoover to Bush] each had occasion to use our military forces on foreign soil at one time or another for one reason or another. Each had accusation to use tax payers dollars to save those caught in disastrous situations. What exactly can Obama put back on track?

At the end of every presidency the economy dips and things slow down. Presidential elections have a tendency to bring out the worst in everything. The economy is not dipping because of George Bush but because Wall Street is in fear of a Democrat being elected president. Democrats are adamantly anti-commerce and pro-taxation. If it can’t be taxed then given away democrats have no use for it.

Let me devote a moment to Bill Richardson the quintessential anchor baby.
Bill Richardson comes from a prominent Mexican Banking family. His mother was Mexican his father was half Mexican and half Anglo. Bills pregnant mother was sent to Los Angels so Bill would be born an American citizen. Bill Returned to Mexico and didn’t reappear in America until it was time for a prep-school education when he became a teen. There’s no question how Bill Richardson served America honorably in his roll in politics. However portraying him as some sort of great American hero is a bit much. In fact he’s just one more Mojado living off the taxpayers.

The problem with this election is the voters aren’t looking under the sheets to see who’s about to get screwed.

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