Think Hillary Would Mend Health Care Crisis? Think Again!

By: John Lillpop

For more than fifteen years, Hillary Clinton has worked full throttle to bring socialized heath care to America. Trashing the most sophisticated and efficient health care delivery system in the world has truly become an obsession with this old school socialist and obscenely rich elitist.

As a result, in this the season of exaggerated political promises and foolish expectations, Hillary is the Missiah of Medicine to the unwashed masses living and, presumably dying, without a nanny tyrant in the White House to pummel greedy physicians and insurance moguls into submission.

According to Clinton campaign myth, securing universal care for everyone in America is really quite simple: Just vote to give Hillary the key to the Oval Office!

Like Samantha on the Bewitched television series, Hillary would then fix health care by twitching her nose 300 million times and presto! –America would be covered!

Witch-President Hillary would also use nose twitches to end the war in Iraq, prevent and reverse global warming, pay off mortgages for all unqualified home owners who face foreclosure, end the Bush recession, and vanquish Monica Lewinsky and other “Friends on Bill” with dirty laundry still hanging in that little room just off the Oval Office.

The first item of business in a Clinton Administration would be to twitch away that devastating CBS video of Hillary’s “Sniper fire” experience in Bosnia!

Hillary’s commitment to health care is so powerful that the issue has become the centerpiece of her campaign. Think health care, and the name Hillary Clinton immediately comes to mind, right?

That may be so for slovenly Americans looking for another government handout, but not necessarily so when it comes to professionals working on Clinton’s presidential campaign staff.

As it turns out, Hillary has failed to pay $292,000 in health care insurance premiums for staff members who are supposed to be covered as a condition of employment and patronage. To date, no staff member has actually been denied heath care because of the unpaid premiums, but its still early!


The big question: How much trust should America invest in a rich and powerful socialist with known truth issues who promises universal care for all, but who has failed to meet the needs of her own small staff?

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