I Spell Fraud “B A R A C K O B A M A”

By: Ken Hughes

Barack Obama has a little to much I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” to suit me. He seems to spend a lot of time in the black community espousing a Black Nationalist philosophy then going to the white voters explaining how he didn’t mean what he was [misrepresented] as saying and he won’t [never, not] say it again.

For now Barack Obama is playing in the sand box with a bunch of neophytes. The primaries are child’s play compared to what he’ll be facing at the Democratic Convention. And what he’ll be up against in the general election should he become the nominee. It won’t be John McCain who brings Obama down it will be the internet blogger’s. The same as they did with John Kerry when he played the Great American War Hero and the voters found him to be anti-military a fraud and a coward.

Barack Obama is running on a campaign to change America, so far I don’t know of anyone he’s ask if he can change America. As far as I know it takes the will of the people to make significant changes. Then he hasn’t said what he wants to change America into. Does he want to change the educational system so only one in four graduates high school? Does he want to establish a national policy where 60% of children are born out of wedlock and grow up being raised by an aunt or grandmother? Does Obama want 80 % of the young men to spend a year or two in prison before they go out in the world to earn a living? Does Barack Obama think 45% of young black people should be unemployed living in government housing collecting food stamps while 20 million illegal immigrants are working their asses off? What has Barack Obama done about black unemployment, education, broken homes, unwed mothers and all those things blacks blame on whites? A two parent home in the hood is an aunt and a grandmother an
d occasionally someone who they call “My Baby Daddy” drops in.

I would have to question Barack Obama’s skills and a man capable of making changes. He claims to have spent a quarter century working to eliminate poverty and discrimination but in the words of his wife Michelle things are worse today than they were before the civil war. According to Old Uncle Jeremiah Wright, America and God are both to be condemned or did he say God damn God and America? The Obama campaign staffers seem to be walking around with one foot in their mouths and the other in a bucket of bullsh*t from the little reporting the media gives us about Obama the sinner how can we judge this man?

The Obama campaign makes Hillary Clinton’s campaign look like a porno flick by comparison. Obama is very careful not to step off one of those white clouds he’s been walking around on. Obama lets his staff leak the obvious things that are bubbling just over the horizon then in utter dismay blames the Clinton campaign. We haven’t seen this much piety since Jimmy Carter’s first run for the Oval Office.

It’s difficult to challenge black inspired racism without being accused of being a racist. Dr. Martin Luther King knew racism would never be eradicated by merely changing sides. Dr. King was always careful to blame a culture and not a people for discrimination. It appears blacks have set Dr. King’s beliefs aside for a more aggressive approach, one that has no room for compromise and less room for whites.

Barack Obama seems to have adopted the Black Nationalist approach. It’s nearly impossible for Barack Obama to spend 20 years in a church pastured by a racist preacher and not know what was going on. In every black church I’ve ever visited amen’s and hallelujahs usually raised the roof, how could he not have known?

Obama manages to stay just on the line where he can comfortably move back and forth between his white self and his black self. He leaves the racist rhetoric to others where he can deny responsibility and still cajole his black constituents with a wink and a nod.

Michelle Obama paints a rather glum picture of America despite having grown up a Ward Captain’s daughter in the former Boss Dailey political machine of Chicago. There are some 300 million citizens in this country of that 15 % [45 million] or so claim to be African American. An African American is the leading candidate for president of the nation, how the hell does that justify a claim America is racist? There are black senators, black congress men and women, black governors, mayors “Here a black there a black everywhere a Black” and yet blacks have the audacity to call whites racist.

It isn’t often I get on a soap box of negativity, however in this case I think it’s deserved and more. If the Media won’t tell us who and what Obama is then it’s up to blogger’s to expose the hypocrisy that surrounds Barack Obama and his friends.

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