Obama’s Kindergarten Economics Suck

By: Ken Hughes

If Liberal Democrats could see the warnings of economic disaster like Graffiti on a wall they still wouldn’t acknowledge its implications. Taxing citizens is not a panacea for a responsible government.

Here are a few of Barack Obama’s ridiculous proposals to energize the slowing economy and move America forward in a progressive manor.

Obama doesn’t understand the word “Investment” he thinks the rich still keep their money in their mattress or in 55 gallon oil drums in their basements. Obama has been quoted as saying only 1/2 of 1 % benefit from the guild lines of estate tax legislation. He’s been quoted as saying the rich don’t pay nearly enough in taxes. Hillary Clinton and spouse paid 30 million dollars on a 109 million dollar income for the past eight years. That comes out to about 30 % more or less. Is Obama suggesting the Clintons should be exempt from his data because most of their income came from legal extortion he’s wrong. Can we see please Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpten, Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright’s tax returns? Sorry I forgot their all Ghetto Preachers they don’t pay taxes poor blacks pay taxes to them.

Modern politicians have no concept how to lead a nation only how to punish one. Many politicians like Obama and Clinton have never had the responsibility of meeting a financial obligation other than a rent or mortgage payment. They’ve been supported their entire lives by the misfortunes of others, first by being lawyers and second by government employee welfare systems. Obama doesn’t understand taking money from the working public and passing it on to the underachievers is a drain on not an enhancement of the economics of the nation. The concept of energy equals reward has never occurred to Liberals in the Democratic Party. When the Democrats are in power it’s their money they reluctantly share sparingly with the public.

Liberal Democrats are in the process of changing the word Liberal for Progressive, never mind the word don’t fit their agenda to them it sound’s better or perhaps the word liberal has become so meaningless they must change. Progressive implies progress, how can taxing and foolish spending by a congress be called an improvement. I grew up believing we sent people to the nation’s capital to protect the public’s interests not to strip them of all their rights then strip them of their property.

If we use a little statistical math we can point out poverty in America is spelled “Underachievers / Unmotivated”. There are 300 million Americans citizens as near as we know. Let’s assume half or 150 million are available for jobs. Unemployment is now 5’5 % that means 8.25 million are unemployed, [ I doubt unemployment is that high ] There are 20 million illegal immigrants who do have jobs. Obama wants to motivate the underachievers by handing them a few billion and ask for nothing in return.
As I said these are only statistics, they do give an indication of where we stand with Obama progressive programs and taxes.

Obama fails to elaborate where the money comes from aside from withdrawal of troops from Iraq. If America leaves Iraq Iran will move in at least influentially and set up a puppet government. Women will lose their rights they will become slaves to their masters once more, [it’s in the Koran] If Islamic law the harshest law know to man rules the Middle East am I safe in saying Obama will pay for his progressive programs with slavery and extortion [taxes]? How many innocent will die so Obama’s constituents cans sit on their asses make babies and do drugs?

The black community bemoans the fact they have the highest unemployment, high school drop out, drug usage and criminal prosecution rates of any group in the country. Do white gangs roam the hood forcing these conditions of blacks, I don’t think so. More money has been spent for the advancement of the black community than all the wars America has fought to preserve its freedom. We won most of our wars we have yet to win over the black community, or should I say the black community has yet to join us as just plain old Americans with no hyphenations, why is that. As long as there are hucksters like Obama, Jackson, Sharpten, Wright and others who make their coins putting down blacks to blacks there’ll be an element who sit down refusing to join the human race those blacks who have already joined we never notice, that because they are just like us.

Of all the immigrants who’ve come to America ether in bondage, legally or illegally A portion of African Americans are the only group to take generations to assimilate, and why is that. The last African American [a stupid reference, they should just be willing to be Americans] leader who called for all God’s children to play together as one nation was Dr. M L King. For Obama to suggest blacks aren’t given more than equal opportunity is ridiculous. There are no white affirmative action programs, there’s no white caucus in the US Congress. Hate crimes don’t apply to whites. Senator Obama where and how are blacks being mistreated?

The time has come to recognize black supremacy and white guilt aren’t cutting it. Blacks have no super powers and whites have nothing to feel guilty for. The time has come to bury the racism on both sides, also for both sides to stop feeling put upon. This can’t be done by electing a racist president like Obama no matter how eloquent and polished he may be. A frog is still a frog even if kissed by a Princess [The American voters.]

I don’t know if Obama is a Muslim shill or not, no one does. We simply don’t know enough about the man aside from what he tells us. Google usually has all the dirt of political candidates, not so in the case of Obama. So far the media seems afraid to question anything that may come up negative about Obama. It’s time to put the fear of racism aside and look inside the man to see what he’s really made of. After all Obama was white until he was in his late 20’s. He didn’t become an Oreo Cookie [Vanilla outside dark chocolate inside] until he moved to Chicago in his late 20’s.

If anyone wishes to discuss my racist remarks with me have at it, e-mail me at < ken-hughes@comcast.net > I have nothing to hide or nothing to apologize for.

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