Solution to Radical Islam Found in Unlikely Source

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

Canada’s months-long plea to its fellow NATO nations for increased military support in Afghanistan has finally been answered by the Frenc-whoops! Nope, not them. As of this writing, they changed their mind (chickened out?) at the last minute and it was the Americans who answered the call. Yep, those same Americans who many elitist, naïve leftwing Canadians love to hate. I love the irony.

The War on Terror is going to continue to be about hunting the Islamofascist terrorists down in whatever country they are holed up in. That is just the reality of facing an enemy who doesn’t belong to a distinct geographical location. But a necessary element for victory is one that is found in the most unlikely of places: right here at home. On the political left. Ouch.

For generations, the left wingers of the Free World have tried time and again to match the political right on policy. Time and again they have failed. Whether in the United States, Canada, England, or any number of democratic countries the head to head ideological battle has gone the way of the conservative (with a degree of moderation).

Making no ground with the public on policy (it seems most free-thinking, responsible, freedom-loving people don’t like the idea of big government and socialist-style economic policies. Go figure.) So they opened a more subversive path. Put simply, they decided to ‘get ‘em while they’re young’. Leftwing ideology is found all over North America in schools and in pop culture – the two most sensible tools anyone could use in order to lead youth in a certain direction. Leftist teachers teaching leftist ideas are now the norm.

The hottest singers – even many in the traditional area of Country music – are unabashedly spewing their leftwing rhetoric to the under 25 masses. Three bonehead Chicks make leftwing statements and are lauded, while the very rare conservative performer is painted in the media as someone who perhaps is ‘out of touch’, ‘unaware’, or ‘an attention-hound’.

The results of course are that the newest North American and European generations are more and more leftwing. The message is getting through, much to our dismay. But I cannot argue its effectiveness.

These days the pro-war/anti-war debate is growing and taking much of our attention. What we who support the War and see the threat of the Islamic terrorists as real need to do is steal the leftwing tactic and start using it on Muslim youth. We need to target the young Muslims – at home and in the Middle East – with real information to counter what they are being indoctrinated into.

Only by getting to the children of the Muslim world will we be able to gain the upper hand in this conflict. Trying to change the mind of a 30-year-old Taliban fighter in the hills of Afghanistan is pointless. He’s a lost cause and a military combatant. His children, however, should be the target of our propaganda campaign. They are the future of Islam.

It has worked before. It was democracy loving university students who stood up to the communist regime in China. They got the message about the freedoms outside their borders, they knew the concept of democracy, and they rose up in the valiant attempt to affect change. It was the children of the Cold War who ultimately brought down the Berlin Wall and ended the grip of communism in Europe. The same age group in Iran is starting to make waves with their desire have a more open society, much to the chagrin of their country’s political and religious hierarchy.

The military war must and will continue. Now the propaganda war must begin, and it starts with the children.

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