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April 11, 2008

Lies, Damn Lies, And Hillary Clinton

Liberals are still out there fighting hard for socialized medicine because it is just one more way for them to get their hands in your pockets and micromanage your life. And what is wrong with a little, itsy bitsy, …

Bush Lied, People Died. How to Run Away and Kill People in the Process

Filed under: Politics In General - 11 Apr 2008

The hallmark of liberalism is the screeched slogan that is completely devoid of any actual thought. Through a sense of emotional rightness, liberals assume that the correctness of their slogans would be borne out if they only had the time …

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay Launches New Web Site

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism - 11 Apr 2008

Conservative icon Tom Delay and TCV Media CEO Nathan Tabor announced the launching of DeLay’s new web site The unveiling of the new web site coincides with the release of the former Republican lawmaker’s new book, No Retreat, No …

Those Zany ED Ads!

Filed under: Potpourri - 11 Apr 2008

In many ways, Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the male equivalent of the nagging headache suffered by women. However, unlike the headache, ED is a complex physiological and psychological malady, rather than a blunt weapon in the ongoing war between the …

Labor Union Perspective

As the proposed trade agreement with Colombia reveals, labor unions are organizations of self-centered greed, which disingenuously cloak themselves with pretense of God, country, and mom’s apple pie.