Barack Obama Is Lying

By: Ken Hughes

Barack Obama Is Making Me A Racist!
In the 60’s and 70’s I was a staunch advocate for civil rights, I contributed time money and effort. I worked hard, I was convinced no man or woman should live in bondage. I believed all men were created to be treated equal. Living in the South I saw incident after incident of mans inhumanity to their fellow man. Blacks were treated worse than Muslim Women are today. In the past 40 years I’ve seen blacks move from the back of the bus to controlling the bus. No where in history has any group of people risen to positions of responsibility and acceptance faster than blacks in America and for what? Gratitude for those whites who did the heavy lifting isn’t forthcoming; their being branded racist by the wife of a man who wants [begs] for our votes. If I were a Democrat and this was my only choice consider I’d abstinence rather than voting

For those who thought George Bush told whoppers just think about some of the things Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are saying. Listening to the Obama supporters and the Clinton’s one would think Democrats invented lying. Up to now Al Gore was the great liberal prevaricator now he’s rapidly losing the title to Obama and both Clintons. Not Obama personally he’s much too clever for that, rather to those who shout his presumed accomplishment and wave the American flag he will either wear or salute. A man who will not pledge allegiance to his countries flag has no right to run for its presidency.

At the podium Obama is the great memorizer, on the job he’s less than an average legislator. Every one of his legislative proposals he favored criminals or the underachievers over the average citizen. Obama has never put forth a single piece of legislation that moves the country forward in a positive manor. Barack Obama flowery speeches, well crafted words and a lot of well fictional publicity trumps his performance every time.

Is this what America wants for a president a Light Chocolate Bunny Rabbit who will melt at the first signs of heat from the kitchen?

The public [voters] are told not to use race or religion when discussing Barack [Berry] Hussein Obama’s qualifications. Obama’s only presumed qualifications are based on both race and religion. White Voters are prohibited form conducting political activities in churches. Most if not all Black politics is organized in and comes from the church, more often than not the Preacher is the leader of the rallies. Black Mega Churches are more about politics than religion so says the US Senate. Hearings are underway as I write this article.

Statically Blacks comprise more than their percentage of the population in the positions of influence they command. They’re Policeman. Fireman, Military men, Elected officials, Teachers, Sports figures and Entertainers plus a mired of other positions of equal impotence contributing to the great American dream. Considering the monetary and political contributions made by White Americans to make amends for something their grandparents may or may not have been a part of blacks have been well compensated.

In the past 40 years the Black Communities has had the advantage of government protections than any other group. Barack Obama made his reputation on creative legislation restricting police powers in the pursuit of criminals and lobbing for more welfare for the underachievers. Obama has been opposed to everything that moves America forward economically, politically and morally.

Barack Obama is quoted as saying he learned at an early age how to manipulate white people, how to make them think “What a polite little Black Boy” He’s certainly putting it to its best uses in this presidential campaign.
We don’t know who Barack Obama is, at times he seems to be a man for all reasons. He has his feet planted squarely in the center straddling all the issues. He speaks in platitudes never quite saying what he means, and never quite meaning what he says.

Obama has created an agenda for America without consulting the public. He’s telling the American public to expect change if he’s elected president and he expects the voters to wait and see after he’s elected and gets his changes figured out. So far most of his proposals are a lot of “Who Shot John.”

We can’t understand how Barack Obama can refuse to say the pledge of allegiance, wear a lapel flag honor the flag and yet surround him-self with several American flags when making speeches to white voters? How can his wife say she has never been proud of being an American and won’t unless her husband Barack becomes president of The United States. [Paraphrased]

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