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April 14, 2008

If You ‘Feel’ Educated… You Are

We no longer educate in the United States of America. No, instead of making to educate our children we emot-ucate them. It’s all about our children’s tender egos, their vaunted self esteem, their itty bitty feewings. We don’t want them …

21st Century Warfare: The Future Combat System

Filed under: American Military,American National Security - 14 Apr 2008

The Future Combat System (FCS) program — which comprises 14 weapons systems and a state-of-the-art information network — is the centerpiece of the Army’s effort to transition to a lighter, more agile, and more capable combat force.

John McCain Does Not Deserve Support from Conservatives

In this the winter of political muckraking and dirty tricks, when candidates play foot loose and fancy free with the truth, one fact remains irrefutable:

Obama’s Empty Formula For 2008

Wyoming cattleman J. Randall “Randy” Stevenson, a vocal advocate of American agriculture and American enterprise, warns that this nation is “Increasingly outsourcing its sovereignty while importing its dependency.” In these few words, he encapsulates the real challenges facing America, which …