Greed! The Party of the Rich! Yadda! Yadda! Yadda!

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By:Paul Zannucci

First, let us walk in the shoes of the average Democrat on the street, shall we? This will help us to gain perspective. We are scared. The world is big, and there are people who have things we don’t. People expect things of us. There is a lot of winning and losing, which makes us uncomfortable: we certainly don’t want to compete because we often lose. There is no God, and we’re frightened. We want our mommies, but our mommies are not big enough. People have things our mommies do not have, too. It is not fair. We need something bigger. We need big government. We need to jump up and down and say, “greed, Greed, GREED!”

I cannot tell you how many times people have explained their allegiance to the Democratic Party to me with the simple statement, “The Republicans are the party of the rich.” And I could spend the rest of my life trying to sort through how many times Democrats have ranted to me about “big business”, “oil execs” and “CEO’s”. And I, myself, have used the phrase, “I’m going to throw-up if I hear the word ‘greed’ one more time,” so often that I might throw-up if I say it again. We already know there is no rhyme or reason to Democratic thought, but let us bang our heads against the wall one more time, shall we?

Generous Leaders of the People

There are over 100 millionaires in congress. As of 2006, the number of Democrats in congress who are millionaires is just about the same as Republicans. Already we see a contradiction. Prominent Democrats hoard money just like prominent Republicans, and, as has been publicized just recently, the Clintons have made $109 million dollars in the last seven-and-a-half years.

Democrats like to talk about hunger in America, just to pick an issue, but that is all they like to do. With advocates this wealthy, you would think the poor would have access to sandwiches, but a Democrat’s money is not available to tackle such issues. This is seen in many examples; for one, “red states” give more to charity than “blue states”. For those who do not know the definitions of certain words, that makes “red” generous and “blue” greedy. But Democrats cannot think of themselves this way. For Democrats, blame is something to toss, not accept.

It’s All About Your Stuff

About the only action Democrats feel comfortable taking, outside of spreading thoughtless propaganda, is widespread theft. By demonizing you, I make it more palatable for me to grab your stuff. In the Democrat’s world, no one ever earns or deserves anything. Yet in a strange duality, everyone also deserves everything. To them, fairness is not a matter of working for what you have but making sure that everyone has the same regardless of the amount of effort put forth. It is fair to them that you work sixty hours a week to provide for someone who is able, but refuses to, work. It is unfair to them, though, that you have stuff you’ve earned, and that others who have earned nothing have nothing. We don’t reap what we sow; we reap what others have sown.

Wanting to grab resources that aren’t yours, for those who don’t know, is another form of greed.

The Useless Debate

It is impossible to bring to the discussion floor any reasonable thought when dealing with someone whose gut reaction is always, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” Democrats don’t want to imagine that there is value in good leadership (CEO’s). You can try to demonstrate the value of leadership via Lincoln’s generals during the Civil War, for instance, but it will be a waste of thought and voice. They will probably just get lost in the idea that war is evil. You can point out that the concept of a company not trying to make a profit is a design for failure, but they will just point out that capitalism is evil. Argue well enough, and you’ll soon bet getting all their talking points at the same time, assaulting your ears at a decibel God reserved for moon rockets. The thoughtful conservative will only be able to stagger away, wondering if perhaps there is not something, after all, to the abortion-oil-tree argument ringing in his ears. It was certainly a noisy and passionate argument.

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