Obama Big Money ‘Bundler’ A Hugo Chavez Supporter, Will Media Report?

By: Warner Todd Huston

Adding to the growing mountain of evidence that Barack Obama either intensely dislikes the very country of which he wants to be elected president, or at the very least surrounds himself with those who do, news is breaking that one of Obama’s big money donation “bundlers” is virulently anti-military and a supporter of Hugo Chavez — the well-known Venezuelan dictator famous for his hateful anti-American rhetoric. There is even a photo of Obama “bundler” and Code Pink operative Jodie Evans arm-in-arm with Hugo Chavez. (Evans is the red head in the middle)

Code Pink has been at the forefront of the anti-war movement and has involved itself in many attacks on our members of the military. They’ve even targeted the wounded for their attacks on the war in Iraq. Because of this connection, pro-troop groups are demanding that Obama return the $50,000 that Code Pink operative Evans gathered from her associates to donate to the Obama campaign.

Catherine Moy of Human Events details some of Code Pink’s campaigns against our wounded troops in her latest blog posting.

Code Pink has also waged a campaign of psychological warfare against America’s wounded warriors and their families by protesting at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, targeting them with signs bearing messages such as “Maimed for a lie” and “Enlist here and die for Halliburton,” the joint statement from pro-troops groups said.

Moy also recounts that Evans sat on the board of directors for a radical environazi group called Rain Forest Action Network (RAN) a group also connected to the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front, groups that the FBI have reported are responsible for more than 600 criminal acts causing more than $43 million in damages over the last few decades.

Evans has been an organizer and operative of Code Pink since September of 2002.

Melanie Morgan also gives us a little reminder of some more of Code Pink’s greatest hits:

Kicked out of Pakistan after protesting the Pakistani governments efforts to combat the jihadists operating in that country, Code Pink’s leaders have also been some of the strongest proponents of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s regime. Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin even renounced the United States and moved to Cuba before being kicked out by the government there. Turns out, even tyrants have standards. Who knew?

These are pretty radical organizations that sponsor some pretty dangerous and fierce anti-capitalist, anti-American campaigns. Is this the sort of extreme hater that a candidate of “change” and a candidate that says we should “come together” should be accepting assistance from? Should a candidate that wants a “new” politics be so happy to take the donations of someone who has led groups that have perpetrated acts of domestic terror? Should Barack Obama be so quick to accept money from a woman who has planned campaigns to harass our wounded soldiers as they try to heal in the hospital?

Another pressing question is, will the MSM report this story? Will the MSM tell the country that their vaunted candidate of “change” and “civility” is working with people responsible for acts of terrorism against Americans?

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