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April 17, 2008

Democrat Leader to meet with Terrorists

Showing once again where his true loyalties reside, Democrat former President Jimmy Carter is scheduled to meet with terrorist Hamas’ Khaled Mashaal in the terrorist state of Syria. The meeting is currently said to be set for 18 April. The …

Why Would Any Normal Jihadist Resist Death?

Filed under: War On Terror - 17 Apr 2008

If it is true that, upon death, Muslim men have immediate access to 72 voluptuous virgins, why would any Muslim ever resist? In fact, one wonders why Musab Zarqawi tried to crawl off his death-stretcher in Iraq?

The Sad Spectacle of Dee Dee Myers

Dee Dee Myers has just come out with her amusing tale, Why Women Should Rule the World. You may recall Mrs. Myers was the first female White House press secretary, appointed during the first two tumultuous years of the Clinton …

Unfair and Unbalanced

The phrase “fair and balanced” certainly has a positive connotation. It is thought the greatest quality a news outlet can possess; it has even become a motto of the Fox News Network. Yet I don’t find Fox very balanced at …